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Luck and the Days of the Week: Wednesday

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Odin, known as Woden or Wotan, held the prominent position of chief god in Germanic mythology. Among the Vikings, he was revered as a heroic figure and rose to prominence in the eighth and ninth centuries as the Norse God of War. In the realm of Western astrology, Wednesday derives its name from Woden, while the Romans named the day dies Mercurii after the God of Mercury, who was associated with commerce.

When discussing Wednesday and its connection to Mercury, it is crucial to consider the influence of Mercury Retrograde on accurate and logical interpretations. Therefore, before discussing the strategies for luck on Wednesday, it becomes necessary to explain the concept of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury behaves uniquely in astrology, as the planet enters a “retrograde” phase two to three times a year. Although this may sound alarming, it is merely an optical illusion. The term “retrograde” implies backward movement, but in reality, Mercury does not reverse its course during this phase. The term is a misnomer used in response to the popular question: “Is Mercury in retrograde?” All planets, at some point, appear to be moving backward. For Mercury, during its retrograde periods, its power temporarily diminishes, causing it to slow down relative to the other planets orbiting at their regular speeds. In these phases, Mercury aligns with different planets, resulting in astrological changes in daily communication based on the zodiac signs associated with those aligned planets. Imagine three concentric circles: Earth in the innermost circle, the planets closest to Earth in the middle-sized circle, and the furthest planets in the larger outer circle. Picture them all moving at the same pace, and suddenly, Mercury slows down. Observing this event without a telescope may give the illusion of the planet reversing, but we understand that it is not the case.

With this explanation in mind, understanding Mercury’s association with Wednesday and other days of the week can be challenging and chaotic. Attempting to gain an edge in fortune for the day becomes dependent on numerous factors, often making it difficult for amateur astrologers to accurately predict colors or traits that could enhance the receipt of luck. Ironically, Mercury, being the planet of communication, makes it challenging to communicate the best strategies for luck. But fear not, we will do it for you.

Since each planet moves at a different pace, retrograde and the alignment of various planets in different retrograde phases influence our thoughts, actions, and emotions in specific situations and times. When a planet goes retrograde, its power diminishes, urging us to slow down, reflect, and redefine our paths forward. Retrograde cycles often bring inconsistencies and bad habits to the surface, highlighting areas for improvement. Mercury retrograde specifically affects communication, transportation, and technology, leading to delays, mix-ups, hesitation, fatigue, and accidents. Every astrologer around the world would advise against making significant changes during a Mercury retrograde. As retrograde marks the moment when Earth is closest to another planet, it signifies a time when we cannot think in terms of the big picture or plan ahead. Instead, we must live one day at a time, maintaining a calm and efficient approach.

It is worth mentioning that Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, but also the fastest. It can complete an orbit around the Sun in just eighty-eight days, four times faster than Earth’s orbit. Language, both written and verbal, serves as Mercury’s primary domain. Its strength lies in organizing and transferring information, aligning transportation and infrastructure with this diminutive planet. During Mercury retrograde periods, it is essential to exercise utmost care in communication, short-distance travel, and signing important documents. Extra time may be needed to double-check our work and ensure everything is in order. Technology also has a tendency to go awry, so backing up all data and practicing patience is advisable.

The Signs associated with Mercury: Mercury governs two zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo. Geminis are renowned for their adaptable and versatile personalities, effortlessly blending into various situations. Virgos, on the other hand, are highly compatible with Mercury. They are considered dependable, creative, hardworking, and critical thinkers, albeit sometimes overly critical and stubborn.

Now, let’s explore Wednesday and the pursuit of good luck. To provide a concise overview, Wednesdays encompass the same characteristics as their ruler, Mercury. It is a day associated with exploration, business endeavors, and practical matters. Wednesday also fosters wisdom, persuasion, and a sense of humor. Mondays are devoted to planning and creativity, while Tuesdays exude a gung-ho, unabashedly capitalist energy. In contrast, Wednesday invites introspection and the ability to effectively communicate one’s needs in both business and personal life. Taking a closer look, Wednesday intertwines elements of business, career-related issues, communication, loss, debt, travel, and personal journeys. It is an opportune day to perform a ritual aimed at opening lines of communication, particularly if your actions have hindered your ability to be an effective speaker or listener. Explore new territories or revisit beloved familiar places, elevate your performance, and settle any outstanding obligations. Wednesday stands as the optimal day for travel and communication, boasting intellectual and creative energies, making it an ideal time to initiate business ventures or artistic projects.

The Element of Wednesday poses a slight challenge when it comes to mining for luck. In addition to Mercury’s extensive influence, both amateurs and professionals must consider the Element associated with Wednesday to maximize their luck potential. Wednesday aligns with the Earth element, which only partially aligns with the day’s energy.

Positive Traits: Earth signs embody grounding, loyalty, patience, practicality, and adeptness at accumulating wealth, which harmonizes well with Mercury’s traits. They have an inclination towards appreciating the finer aspects of life and indulging in sensual experiences. However, these traits are not strongly associated with Wednesday. Therefore, if you wish to perform a ritual, focus on wealth accumulation and steer clear of decadence or romantic spells.

Negative Traits: Earth signs can be loyal, but they also tend to be stubborn and inflexible, akin to Virgo, one of the signs ruled by Mercury. This adds another layer of complexity to the equation. Earth signs often adhere to their own ways, leaving little room for compromise. Their affinity for material possessions can lead to excessive indulgence and occasional laziness. These traits, however, do not align with the typical Mercurian attributes. Hence, they serve as a hint on what not to embody in order to enhance your luck. Avoid displaying any of the negative traits and refrain from conducting rituals centered around materialistic desires.

Wednesday’s Rituals

Mercury, the adaptable ruler, governs learning, luck, travel, and trade, making Wednesday an auspicious day for endeavors related to these domains. Harness the power of this day to enhance communication, sharpen focus and alertness, and thrive in business or games of chance. Create or consecrate money-drawing charms to attract wealth. Furthermore, Wednesday proves favorable for divination practices, particularly utilizing cards, runes, or lots. As you have discovered throughout this chapter, Mercury is a complex deity with many facets. Therefore, if your intention is to cast a spell to distract or mislead someone, Wednesday is the opportune day for such workings.

The most effective Wednesday spells are those that aim to elevate personal intellect and memory. It is the ideal time to concentrate on enhancing these abilities for a special project, passing an exam, or succeeding in a test. The following Personal Growth Spell is perfect and straightforward for a Wednesday.


  • A white candle
  • A glass of coconut milk
  • Two tablespoons of saffron
  • A new sponge


  1. Light the white candle and fixate your gaze on the flame, ensuring not to blink. Repeat the magic formula, “Dear Universe. Give me what I want. Blessed be,” as long as you can with your eyes open.
  2. As the candle burns out, prepare a warm bath. Pour the glass of coconut milk and two tablespoons of saffron into the water. Immerse yourself in the bath, thoroughly rubbing your skin with a new sponge. Repeat the magic formula once again, “Dear Universe. Give me what I want. Blessed be.”

Wednesday Colors In Indian Vedic astrology, colors play a significant role in resolving conflicts and attracting luck. When used appropriately, colors can enhance an individual’s aura and turn any day into a fortunate one. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, representing communication, intelligence, eloquence, logical reasoning, studies, business, precious stones, examinations, and friendships. The predominant color for this day is green, although light blue is also acceptable but less potent. Embrace green attire, aligning yourself with Mercury’s attributes, and await the arrival of good fortune.

Wednesday’s Gems and Stones Wearing gemstones associated with each day of the week enables you to invoke the energy of their corresponding planets and deities. Extensive research is crucial for success, as different gems and crystals hold distinct values and rituals. Trust what you have read about Wednesday and choose what resonates with you and invokes luck. Beware of charlatans who make unfounded claims to sell their crystals. Place your faith in the information presented here.

While some astrologers attribute Amethyst as Wednesday’s gemstone, symbolizing protection and purification, Vedic astrology designates Emerald as the gemstone for this day. Emerald stabilizes mental activity, fostering growth, peace, and balance. It serves as an excellent choice for Wednesday. Another suitable option is sodalite, renowned for its insight-enhancing and mental clarity properties, perfectly aligned with Wednesday’s attributes. Hold the stone, close your eyes, and contemplate.

This concludes the exhaustive exploration of Wednesday. To amplify your luck, dress in the appropriate colors, carry the gemstone that suits you best, and communicate wisely, professionally, and empathetically. Reevaluate, if necessary, but avoid forcing any issues. If Mercury is in retrograde, slow down and refrain from making significant decisions or purchases.

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