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Natural Skin Lighteners

It’s natural for us Filipinos to desire beautiful, smooth, and fair skin for ourselves. This is not just to appear beautiful to others but also to boost our self-confidence. If you can’t afford expensive skin whitening products, there are affordable options available that won’t break the bank.

Take, for example, CALAMANSI. If you plan to use it on your skin, it’s better to plant calamansi in your backyard so you won’t need to buy it. You’ll surely save a lot. Calamansi juice, rich in vitamin C, is well-known for its skin-whitening and smoothening properties. The antioxidants it contains protect our skin from harmful free radicals.

PAPAYA is another excellent skin whitener. It’s due to the papain content. Like calamansi, you only need to apply it to your skin and let it dry before rinsing.

CUCUMBER is also a great whitening agent, suitable for both young and old. You can simply slice it and apply it to the desired skin areas for whitening. It’s also effective in reducing eye bags.

RICE is another excellent skin beautifier. It’s because of its para-aminobenzoic acid content, a natural sunscreen that shields our skin from the sun’s harmful effects. It also helps enhance the Vitamin C absorption in our skin.

These readily available natural remedies are both cost-effective and helpful in achieving the beautiful skin we desire.

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