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Male Model: Krystian Ralph S. Midel

Krystian is a Riflettore Model from the Philippines

Background: I got into modeling because my friend referred me to it. Modeling was not really my priority, but I grabbed the chance when the opportunity came.

Challenges: The biggest challenges I have faced are gaining confidence and expressing myself in pageants. However, I have overcome these challenges. What is most rewarding in my career are the lessons and experiences I have gained on my journey.

Industry: How I stay competitive and relevant is by investing in my well-being. By training my mind and taking care of my body, I gain knowledge while being at my very best.

Preparations: For fitness, I make sure to work out at least three times a week. For skincare, I cleanse my skin every morning and before I go to bed, ensuring I get at least eight hours of sleep. Lastly, I do my very best and expect the best results in everything I do.

Memorable Experience: My most memorable experience was becoming an ambassador for FoodPanda at a concert named “Wavy Baby,” where I interacted with many different fans and met many great people and had amazing experiences.

Future Aspirations: I see my career moving into the business industry, but I still see myself modeling as a hobby because it is something fun for me to do in my free time.

Advice: The advice I would give is to always have confidence and never waste any opportunity given to you. Every opportunity is a learning experience and a blessing that helps you grow into the best person you can be.

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