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Beauty Queen: Mary Anjanette Celeste Marte

The beautiful and inteliigent Mary Anjanette is a Mrs. Philippines Cebu 2024 from Lapu-Lapu City

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on stage or during pageant prep?

As far as I can recall, nothing drastic happened that would impact me or my performance negatively during the final night. However, I did have an accident during one of our rehearsals for the Talent’s Night. I fell three times on the ramp; the third fall hurt so bad, and I could see my fellow candidates worried. But I stood up, bore the pain, and surged on. I don’t like to show any form of weakness and to call any attention to myself. What’s the greatest reward or good karma from that fall I bagged The Best in Theme Outfit. The pain and the bad bruise, which is still visible today, are worthwhile.

If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and why? How would you use it to make a difference?

If I were given a chance to have a superpower in a day, I would like the power that significantly helps mankind. The ability to heal and eradicate any illnesses or injury. Being able to cure diseases, mend broken bones, and restore good health to anyone and everyone in need. With this power, I can alleviate sufferings, prolong lives, and improve the overall well-being of people worldwide. This is, for me, a huge contrast from suffering and pain to an abundant happy life.

Describe your ultimate “me time” routine. What does it look like, and what does it do for you?

My ultimate “me time” routine would involve a blend of relaxation, personal growth activities, and family time. Here’s how it looks:

Morning Meditation: Just a simple prayer of thanks to my Lord for his blessings. Being quiet and at peace to clear my mind, to avoid stress and imbibe positive and happy intentions for my busy day ahead.

Simple Exercise: I like to do stretches, lift small weights at home, or take a quick walk in Mactan Newtown to release endorphins.

Learning and Growth: I always have a notebook with me that I carry. I love to take down notes of what I read and hear that I find interesting and can stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Digital Detox: I used to log in to work even on my days off and leaves, but now I try to focus on being present at the moment and not thinking of work-related issues.

Self-Care Activities: I love to engage in self-love. A trip to the salon would make my day. I am keen on a skincare routine as the skin is the biggest organ of the body and most visible. Nothing beats clear glowing skin.

Family Time: I now only have my youngest with me, who is Kobe as my two older sons left the nest and live their own lives. Kobe is my constant support and companion. We are like peas in a pod. I ensure we have time on my days off and indulge in a buffet and eat to our heart’s content or just a simple night drive works wonders for us as mother and son.

Social media can be a double-edged sword. What’s one positive way you’ve used your platform to inspire others?

I’m a private person. My FB account is only confined to friends, some colleagues, and family. However, being crowned as Elite Mrs. Cebu Philippines as equally a major and significant title, I felt it’s time for me to come out and be relevant. I use social media to convey my message for women, especially women of my age. I aim to spread positivity and inspiration that women like me have not yet reached the end of the tunnel. We can still continue to have a goal and seek our purpose. To reiterate our values has not diminished, and our stars shine brighter like diamonds in the sky. To end, I can say I was able to positively inspire women through social media as I can connect to a larger and wider audience.

If you could create a signature dessert, what would it be and why?

If I were to create a signature dessert, it would be a heart-shaped cake, and I call it “Heaven’s Gift.” The cake would represent diverse flavors of fruits and a burst of chocolate. This cake symbolizes love, unity, and diversity.

Let’s say you win the competition and are whisked away on a luxurious vacation. Where would you go, and what would be on your must-do list?

If I were whisked away on a luxurious vacation, I would love to visit Norway. This beautiful country offers a plethora of incredible experiences that give me a lifetime of happy memories.

These would be my bucket list:

Northern Lights: I would like to fall in love and mesmerize by the Aurora Borealis.

Fjord Cruise: The stunning fjords would be a cruise of a lifetime.

Bergen: To get lost in the historic of Bergen and take a selfie at the colorful wooden houses.

Wildlife Watching: Whale watching is not something to be missed.

Train Journey: Scenic train rides to breathe in the panoramic views of Norway’s landscapes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Show me a picture on your phone that holds a special meaning for you and tell the story behind it

There’s a picture that I kept for some time. It’s an image of a woman wearing white, her hands stretched out under the dark gloomy sky soaked in the rain. It’s a depiction of trials and pain. I saw it as a woman who went through adversities and welcomed it. It shows how a woman can be strong amidst the tears. Which hits a cord and a reality.

Imagine you are giving a pep talk to a group of young girls. What is the most important piece of advice you would give them?

If I were to advise young girls on a PEP talk, I would like to tell them to learn and acquire skills to prepare them for the future. Work hard and develop their full potential to make their lives better and be a productive member of the community. It’s important to have financial independence and not to rely on anyone or a man to that matter. It’s also important to be authentic and not to fit a certain image because of peer pressure and the dictates of social media.

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