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Beauty Queen: Jana Vuitton Fox

Jana is a pageant veteran who was the second runner-up in the Mardi Gras beauty pageant. She loves to share her thoughts and mentor pageant contestants.

What inspired you to start participating in beauty pageants, and how did you get involved in the industry?

Jana: well back then I was a little hesitant in joining pageants because you know people these days have their own standards of beauty, but I think that stereotypes should change and that people should not invalidate anyone’s dream may it be in pageantry or not. And yes, that’s what inspires me to join pageants back then, to show and prove that anyone can be a Queen in their own right.

Can you share some memorable experiences or highlights from your time competing in beauty pageants?

Jana: Queen of Cebu, which is now Queen Philippines, is I must say the most awaited anticipated and most extravagant pageant ever, and just by being a part of it is truly memorable.

How do you believe beauty pageants have evolved over the years, and what changes have you observed in the industry?

Jana: Over the years, the competition has been getting tougher and tougher, especially right now. The candidates are undergoing a lot of training, unlike during our time. I just did what I did and enjoyed the moment, come what may. Whether I win or lose, what is more important is that I am fulfilling a dream I’ve longed to achieve.”

What are some challenges you faced during your pageant journey, and how did you overcome them?

Jana: Well, of course, financial challenges will always be there but you know what; whenever I joined a pageant, I made sure I was physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially ready. Because if there is one thing that is missing, you might lose that sense of excitement because you will be bombarded with a lot of things you needed to deal along the way.  So yes, I guess it’s really important that you prepare yourself and get ready ALL THE TIME!

What valuable lessons have you learned from your experiences in the beauty pageant world?

Jana: I learned that, it’s not always the crown that makes one a Queen; it is the heart to serve and the will to inspire. You know, in pageants people are too pressured about winning, but it’s not always like that.  Focus on how you can make a difference and people will praise you for that.

How do you maintain confidence and resilience in the face of competition and judgment?

Jana: well, i do what i do and as long as I am there to fulfill my dream then i will not allow anyone or anything to hinder me from realizing my dream.  People would always have something to say and that’s normal, we are not here to please everyone, we are here to inspire others those who believes in us. So yes, focus on your goals not on the trolls!

Can you describe the preparation process for a beauty pageant? What goes into getting ready for a competition?

Jana: To be completely honest, the preparation is never easy. As a transwoman like myself, I need to do a little extra all the time: invest in hormones, surgeries, enhancements, diet, exercise, and of course, preparing for my walk and Q&A. Well, during the last years of my pageant life, I’m glad I have the best pageant trainer in Visayas, Karla Supersoft, who made sure I am well-equipped and ready to take on another challenge! Making sure that I am, we are, victorious!

What advice would you give to newcomers or aspiring contestants entering the beauty pageant scene?

Jana: Humility is what truly matters in the field of pageantry, especially for transwomen. Aside from that, they should invest in preparing themselves physically, mentally, and of course, financially. Pageantry nowadays can be a bit draining, but it is staged well and grander! So yes, if the organization is investing in a great production, it is just right that the candidates are investing the same way too.

Most of all, get a pageant mentor! Someone who will correct and guide you throughout the process. And Karla Supersoft is the right person to go to!

How do you balance the demands of beauty pageants with other aspects of your life, such as work, family, and personal interests?

Jana: Well, for now, I see myself as a pageant veteran already, and I’m so done with it. But I am still showing my support to pageant aspirants by sending them moral and financial support when needed. Currently, I am focusing more on business travels and enjoying life. Back then, I focused on one thing at a time; that’s how I balanced things. And now, I am focusing on building an empire, beautiful memories, wonderful stories, making a life, and living it at its best!

In your opinion, what role do beauty pageants play in society, and how do they contribute to personal growth and empowerment?

Jana: Pageants play an important role in today’s society because it promotes inclusiveness and visibility, and with that it empowers people of all ages and genders, so I really hope that we will never lose its benevolence and will continue to work on bringing change to the society and its people in a way that it will better the lives of many!

Also awarded as One of the Outstanding LGBTQIA+ members in the Philippines 2023 given by BEST MAGAZINE award winning body


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineer

Master in Accountancy: University of Western Sydney

Management Marketing:  Cornell Institute New Zealand

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