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What are the Mounts in Palm Reading

Palmistry, or chiromancy, is the practice of interpreting the lines, shapes, and features of the palm to gain insights into a person’s personality, character, and potential future. The mounts in palmistry are specific raised areas on the palm, each associated with a particular planet and corresponding qualities. These mounts provide valuable information about a person’s traits, inclinations, and experiences. There are seven primary mounts in palmistry, one for each of the seven classical planets:

  1. Mount of Jupiter: Situated at the base of the index finger, the Mount of Jupiter is associated with leadership, ambition, and a strong desire for success. A well-developed Mount of Jupiter signifies a person with leadership abilities, assertiveness, and a desire for power and influence.
  2. Mount of Saturn: Found at the base of the middle finger, the Mount of Saturn represents discipline, responsibility, and seriousness. A pronounced Mount of Saturn indicates a strong sense of duty and responsibility, as well as a desire for structure and order in one’s life.
  3. Mount of Apollo (Sun): Positioned just below the ring finger, the Mount of Apollo is linked to creativity, self-expression, and personal achievements. A well-developed Mount of Apollo suggests artistic talent, a love of beauty, and a desire for recognition and success.
  4. Mount of Mercury: Located beneath the pinky finger, the Mount of Mercury relates to communication, adaptability, and a penchant for business. A prominent Mount of Mercury signifies strong communication skills, adaptability, and a flair for business or commerce.
  5. Mount of Mars: Situated between the Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Venus, the Mount of Mars represents courage, determination, and assertiveness. A pronounced Mount of Mars indicates a fearless, competitive, and energetic nature.
  6. Mount of Luna (Moon): This mount is located at the base of the palm opposite the Mount of Venus and is associated with intuition, emotions, and imagination. A well-developed Mount of Luna indicates a highly intuitive and creative individual, with strong emotional sensitivity.
  7. Mount of Venus: Situated at the base of the thumb, the Mount of Venus represents love, sensuality, and an appreciation for beauty. A pronounced Mount of Venus signifies a person with a strong affectionate nature, a love of aesthetics, and a desire for harmonious relationships.

Key points about palmistry mounts:

  • Each person’s palm may have variations in the size and prominence of these mounts, which can provide additional insights.
  • The mounts can change over time based on a person’s experiences, emotional growth, and lifestyle.
  • The interpretation of the mounts is holistic and takes into account the entire hand’s shape, lines, and other features.
  • In addition to the primary mounts, there may be smaller, subsidiary mounts and markings on the mounts, which can also be relevant to the analysis.
  • Mounts are typically examined in conjunction with other aspects of palmistry, such as the major and minor lines (heart line, head line, life line, etc.) and finger shapes.

Remember that palmistry is a form of divination and should be approached with an open mind. It’s not a science, and interpretations can vary depending on the palmist’s expertise and cultural beliefs. It’s essential to use palmistry as a tool for self-reflection and understanding, rather than a definitive predictor of the future or character.

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