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The Power of Our Words, Proven by Science

The power of words is truly mighty. Spirituality and power are mesmerizing in the force of words.

Every matter in the universe, part of the macro cosmos, is interconnected. People are interconnected through communication.

Every word that comes out of our mouths holds meaning and equivalent energy. This is why it’s crucial to guard every word we utter. Though words have no physical form, their effect can change emotions and leave a mark in the mind.

The power of words can be both positive and negative. According to studies, consistently using beautiful or positive words has a positive effect on the brain’s motivational center. However, negative and hurtful words can hinder the brain from producing the necessary neurochemicals needed by the body system to cope with stress.

The brain’s normal reaction is to feel alarmed and afraid. This serves as the body’s defense mechanism to avoid anything harmful. If we harbor negative thoughts in our minds and release them through negative words, we strengthen the activity of the fear center of our brain, or the amygdala, which is the junction for stress-producing hormones to flow through our entire body system.

These stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters are the reasons why the logic and reasoning processes in our brain get interrupted.

According to Dr. Andrew Newberg of T. Jefferson University, in his book “Words Can Change Your Brain,” by maintaining positive and beautiful words in our minds, it stimulates the frontal lobe activity of our brain. This area of the brain is connected to specific language centers and directly involved in the motor cortex responsible for translating our thoughts into action. The structure of the thalamus changes according to our words, thoughts, and feelings. The development of the thalamus affects our outlook on life, which is crucial for us to create a beautiful reality.

The message is simple: let’s stay positive and make it a habit to speak beautifully. If we vibrate at a high frequency, we can attract luck and blessings from the universe!

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