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The Psalm is a sacred or divine song or hymn. In the Bible, people used Psalms to worship God, seek help from Heaven in times of danger or trouble, and express gratitude to the Lord. Psalms are commonly sung collectively or in groups.

Beyond being a hymn of praise or thanksgiving, Psalms carry power beyond what you might think. For a long time, the Church has tried to conceal the secret power held within the Psalms.

Psalms contain esoteric information, and if accessed correctly, they can empower you in ways such as:

  1. Attracting love and admiration from the opposite sex and people around you.
  2. Enhancing your charisma or sex appeal.
  3. Revealing your hidden enemies for you to overcome.
  4. Influencing a person according to your desires.
  5. Improving luck in job hunting.
  6. Attracting numerous customers.
  7. Providing magical protection against black magic and people with ill intentions in your life and safety.
  8. Improving health.
  9. And more.

Psalms carry infinite power.

Let’s go through some Psalms that can be used for various needs. These were researched from the book “Secrets of Psalms” by Godfrey A. Selig. These Psalms are from the King James Version.

  1. PSALM FOR SAFE PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH: If a woman is in her pregnancy and has a delicate condition such as premature delivery, she can write PSALM 1 on a piece of parchment paper (the kind used in baking or diplomas, available in bookstores). Write only the first three verses of the Psalm on the parchment paper. Below the verses, write the sacred name “EEL CHAD.” Lastly, write the sacred prayer: “MAY IT PLEASE THEE, O, EEL CHAD, TO GRANT UNTO THIS WOMAN (Write your name), DAUGHTER OF (Write your parents’ names), that she may not at this time or at any other time, have a premature confinement, much more grant unto her a truly fortunate delivery, and keep her and the fruit of her body in good health. Amen! Selah!” Once all the mentioned details are written, roll the paper and place it in a small cloth pouch, turning it into a necklace.
  1. PSALM FOR SEVERE HEAD AND BACK PAIN: For those experiencing intense headaches like vertigo or migraines and back pain due to various reasons (scoliosis, muscle pain, etc.), recite the entire PSALM 3. Mention the Holy Name ADON and the short prayer: “ADON OF THE WORLD MAY IT PLEASE THEE TO BE MY PHYSICIAN AND HELPER. HEAL ME AND RELIEVE ME FROM MY SEVERE HEADACHE AND BACKACHE, BECAUSE I CAN FIND HELP ONLY WITH THEE, AND ONLY WITH THEE IS COUNSEL AND ACTION TO BE FOUND. AMEN! SELAH!” Recite Psalm 3 and the mentioned prayer while applying oil (preferably olive oil) to the aching head or back.
  1. PSALM FOR GOOD FORTUNE: If it seems that luck eludes you despite your efforts in life, recite PSALM 4 three times before sunrise with humility and unwavering faith. After reciting Psalm 4 three times, follow it with the prayer: “MAY IT PLEASE THEE, OH JIHEJE (pronunciation: HI-HE-HE), TO PROSPER MY WAYS, STEPS, AND DOINGS. GRANT MY DESIRES MAY BE AMPLE FULFILLED, AND LET MY WISHES BE SATISFIED EVEN THIS DAY, FOR THE SAKE OF THY GREAT, MIGHTY AND PRAISEWORTHY NAME. AMEN. SELAH!”
  1. PSALM FOR HEALING ANY EYE DISEASE: Recite PSALM 6 for three consecutive days. Recite Psalm 6 seven times in a day, slowly, devoutly, and full of devotion. While praying Psalm 6, think of the sacred name JASCHAJAH (meaning help from God). Have 100 percent faith that you will be healed. After reciting Psalm 6 seven times, follow it with this prayer: “JEHOVAH, MY FATHER, MAY IT PLEASE THEE, FOR THE SAKE OF THE GREAT, MIGHTY, HOLY AND ADORABLE NAME, JESCHAJA (pronunciation: HES-CHA-HA) BAAL HATSCHNA, THAT IS, HELP IS WITH THE LORD, FOR HE IS THE LORD OF HELP, HE CAN HELP, WHICH NAME IS CONTAINED IN THIS PSALM, HEAL ME FROM MY DISEASES, INFIRMITIES, AND FROM THE PAIN OF MY EYES, FOR THINE IS THE POWER AND THE HELP, AND THOU ALONE ART MIGHTY ENOUGH TO HELP; OF THIS I AM CERTAIN, AND THEREFORE, I TRUST IN THEE. AMEN! SELAH!”
  1. PSALM TO OVERCOME ENEMIES: If there is someone secretly harboring anger and envy towards you, desiring nothing but your suffering and hardship, recite PSALM 7, followed by this prayer: “OH, EEL SLIJON (pronunciation: ES-LI-HON), GREAT STRONG, AND HIGHEST GOD! MAY IT PLEASE THEE TO CHANGE THE HEARTS OF MY ENEMIES AND OPPOSERS, THAT THEY MAY DO ME GOOD INSTEAD OF EVIL, AS THOU DIDST IN THE DAY OF ABRAHAM WHEN HE CALLED UPON THEE BY THIS HOLY NAME! AMEN! SELAH!”
  1. PSALM FOR BUSINESS LUCK: Recite Psalm 8 for three consecutive days before dusk or sunset while thinking of the sacred name RECHMIAL. After reciting Psalm 8, whisper this prayer into a bottle of olive oil: “MAY IT PLEASE THEE, OH RECHMIAL (pronunciation: REK-MI-AL) EEL, TO GRANT THAT I MAY OBTAIN LOVE, GRACE, AND FAVOR IN THE EYES OF MEN ACCORDING TO HOLY WILL. AMEN! SELAH!” After three days of prayer, apply the olive oil to the walls of your workplace or store.

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