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Superstitions About Dog Bites and How to Avoid Them

If you’re afraid of dogs because of their tendency to bite, you should consider overcoming your fear by following these superstitions. Here are some beliefs that you can either follow or disregard:

When you find yourself encountering a stray dog and having no means to safely move around it fearing it may bite or chase you, simply repeat the phrase “San Roque, your dog, please protect me from it.” San Roque is the patron saint of dogs and meant to protect both you and the dog.

Some elderly folks believe that when a dog is chasing you, just sit down and avoid making any movements and avoid any eye contact with the dog. When you do this, it will appear as if you have become invisible to the dog, and you’ll notice that the animal doesn’t appear to see you anymore and will eventually walk away.

If you want a neighbor’s dog, for instance – one that keeps barking at you every time you pass by – to become friendly with you, all you need to do is to toss some food that you’ve already chewed or food that you’ve bitten into. The next time you pass, you’ll notice the dog wagging its tail in your direction.

While many people may have a fear of dogs, there are also many who have affection for them. Dogs are considered close companions of humans, so there’s no reason to fear them. Just avoid dogs with aggressive tendencies, like stray dogs. Nonetheless, dogs still possess qualities that we can appreciate, and just like humans, they have the right to live freely.

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