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Superstition about Unexpected Conflict: Do you want bad luck?

There’s no sensible person who would say they want to invite bad luck because that means they’ll face hardships. No way! I also don’t wish to experience hardship again, as I’ve felt it once before and don’t want it to happen again. So, when luck came my way, I wouldn’t want it to end.

However, did you know that no matter how wealthy you are, if you’re struck by ‘misfortune,’ your touted good life is sure to crumble? As many say, you can only have a good life if you don’t break any laws. But in this case, it’s not just about crimes commonly committed by people. Instead, it’s about violating superstitions.

Many say that superstitions are just beliefs that shouldn’t be believed or taken to heart as they may not come true. But why do many say they suffer because of violating superstitions?

This time, the superstition we’ll discuss is about “Unexpected Conflict” or superstitions related to bad luck, usually surrounding weddings or death.

So, you’re asking what that means and the following will decipher.

If it’s raining heavily and you see your friend with an umbrella, you’ll surely join them to avoid getting wet. In those moments, you can share in their luck of not getting soaked by the rain. So, it’s the same with the superstition about conflicts

Here are some superstitions about “Unexpected conflict”…

Superstition in Marriage: It is said that siblings cannot get married in the same year because it will bring bad luck to both of them. This means they won’t both be lucky. One may succeed, while the other may face extreme misfortune.

If you’ve watched the Filipino movie starring Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto about “Sukob”, it’s really eerie. It explicitly states that bad things will happen if siblings insist on getting married in the same year. But what if the siblings don’t know each other? Just like in this movie? Sometimes, you really need to know yourself, your future spouse, and those around you.

Surely, you don’t want bad luck, right? So, please don’t be stubborn. There’s nothing wrong with just following the superstition. If you really have the courage to defy it, go ahead. It’s your life that will be ruined. But I know you wouldn’t want that to happen. It’s better for siblings to just understand each other.

Superstition in Death: Even if your wedding is ready, if someone suddenly dies in your family, it’s better to postpone your wedding because it’s not good for there to be celebration and mourning in the same year. The luck that the couple should obtain might be sucked in by the dead.

If you’re cursed, would you still defy it? I hope not because it’s also for your own good. It’s really better to live abundantly than miserably. And if the two people truly love each other, they will learn to wait for the right time.

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