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One of the most common types of dreams is the visitation of a deceased loved one or acquaintance.

In Psychology, dreaming of a deceased person suggests that you have not yet moved on from the passing of that loved one or acquaintance. It may also signify the end of an era in your life, or a feeling of losing hope in waking life.

In the spiritual world, dreams truly become a vehicle for spirits to reach out to the world of the living.

The question is, how can you distinguish if the dream where a deceased person reached out to you is truly happening in the dream realm or what’s called a visitation dream, or just a product of your subconscious mind?

From a psychological point of view, if in the dream you believe that the deceased person is still alive and performing everyday activities, it suggests that you are longing for that person. If the deceased gives advice, it’s a sign that in waking life, you need or desire guidance, care, and protection. Dreaming of a deceased loved one serves as a scapegoat or defense mechanism to draw strength to continue fighting in life.

From a spiritual point of view, dreaming of a deceased person signifies that the person has not yet found peace and has a message to convey to you.

Here are some signs of a true visitation dream.

  1. The deceased person is very real in your dream. You can clearly see their emotions and the message they want to convey. If your dream is in the form of a symbol, it cannot be called a visitation dream.
  2. The deceased person in your dream appears happy and in good condition. According to Dr. Jaime T. Licauco of the Innermind Learning Institute (where your servant has been trained), the soul of a deceased person appears in the state of their youth where they are handsome, beautiful, strong, and attractive. If a person has passed away as an elderly, they will appear in the age of their youth. Therefore, a deceased person visiting in a dream is always happy and has a positive presence. The deceased will not appear sad, sick, or disheveled in the dream.
  3. The dream has a sequence. If the appearance of a deceased person in the dream is by sequence, until they convey all their message to you.
  4. You remember your dream. You vividly and clearly remember your dream upon waking up. There’s a distinct feeling in your heart.

The visitation of a deceased person in your dream is a sign of their love. It’s their way of conveying to you that although they are in another realm, their love and guidance remain.

If you categorize your dream as a visitation dream, the only thing you can do is to offer a prayer for the deceased who visited you in your dream. Light a white candle for them. Let them carry with them your love and memories as they depart.

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