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Funeral Superstitions: Things to Remember

It’s painful to accept, but sometimes we need to bid farewell to the most important people in our lives because they have been taken from us by death. So, we have no choice but to fully embrace that truth. It’s just sad that all those beautiful memories are now only in your mind.

Nevertheless, even though losing your loved one hurts so much, it’s not right to just cry and cry. Of course, you also need to move on. That’s what you should do. Just think that you are still alive, so you can do many things for your loved ones.

But before you focus on the living, you should first concentrate on the loved one who is about to bid you farewell. What I want to tell you is that it might be better if you follow the funeral superstitions. Please don’t ever say that we are in modern times now and these superstitions are nonsense.

Yes, these beliefs may only be in our minds, but there’s nothing wrong with following them, especially since it’s said that those who defy these superstitions may bring bad luck or end up in the grave. You certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, so it’s best not to disobey these superstitions.

Don’t chase after a funeral – This means you want to go with the deceased. So if you weren’t able to attend the funeral, it’s better not to go. You can just pray for their soul. It’s better to do that than to be followed by Death.

If the corpse is taken out of the house, make sure the head is the first to be taken out – it’s because if you bring out the feet first, the deceased might come back to this world. So, let’s give peace to the departed. Don’t desire for them to return to this world. Remember, no matter how much you love someone, at the time of their death, their world is already different.

Put money in the hand of the deceased while they are lying in repose, and take it back when they are about to be buried – it’s said to be good for business. But you should also work hard to make your business grow. So, don’t ever miss this opportunity. This may be the way for you to prosper.

Cut the rosary that you will bury with the deceased. If you don’t do this, there may be consecutive deaths in your family. Surely, you wouldn’t want to bury family members one after the other, so don’t disregard this superstition.

Whisper to the deceased. It is said that whatever you wish will be granted when you whisper your request to the dead. Usually, what’s whispered is to take away the pain of the whisperer, and the illness will disappear. Just make sure you don’t ask for something heavy in return.

These are just some of the superstitions that you should not forget because they can also help you keep your life in order.

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