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Filipino Superstitions for Financial Luck

Belief in and adherence to superstitions are inherent traits of Filipinos. In fact, superstitions are part of Filipino literature and culture. They constitute a rich tapestry woven into the country’s heritage.

Many superstitions have been passed down through various generations, and most of them are still very much alive and fervently believed by the majority.

Here are some popular Filipino superstitions related to money.

Which of these do you believe in and follow?

  1. Avoid sweeping at night because it’s believed you’re sweeping away your luck out of the house.
  1. When buying a bag, wallet, or purse, make it a habit to put money or coins inside that you won’t spend. According to belief, the money you place in your new wallet will attract good fortune.
  1. If your palm itches, it’s a sign that money is coming in the next few days. It’s also said that rubbing your itchy palm on your hair ensures the arrival of the awaited money.
  1. If you accidentally wear your clothes inside out, expect money to come your way. There’s even a belief that when you’re really strapped for cash, turning your clothes inside out will bring you money. This is akin to the superstition of turning your clothes inside out when you get lost. Turns of luck, as they say.
  1. If you’re a business owner, offer a discount to your first customer for good luck. It’s believed that you’ll attract more customers if you do this.
  1. Never place your bag or wallet on the floor because it’s considered unlucky. They say your wallet will always end up empty if you do.
  1. Avoid paying debts at night. This is similar to the belief of not spending money at twilight because it’s believed your expenses will continue to flow.
  1. Upon seeing a shooting star, wrap the money or coins you’re carrying in a handkerchief. This money will serve as a lucky charm for gambling.
  1. Arrange the bills in your wallet from the highest denomination downwards. It’s said that you’ll be lucky if you do this.
  1. Avoid paying debts on the first day of the month. This is similar to not paying debts at night, as it’s believed to bring bad luck.
  1. When you move to a new house, roll coins at the doorstep before entering. This symbolizes rolling in luck and blessings into your new home.
  1. It’s advisable to place plants with round leaves inside the house as they are believed to symbolize money.
  1. Never place money on the dining table, especially when someone is eating, as it’s believed to bring burdens in life.
  1. Black ants are considered lucky. According to Chinese belief, the entry of black ants into your home is akin to the arrival of money.
  1. Use your right hand when paying and your left hand when receiving money. According to belief, this will balance the flow of money in and out.

Although superstitions lack scientific basis, many still believe and adhere to them. It has become part of the subconscious for some, so even without a basis, they still do it. For believers, there’s nothing to lose.

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