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Dreaming of Your Old House

Let’s now interpret Cherry Anne’s dream about repeatedly returning to their old house.

I often dream about different types of houses. There are beautiful houses and there are ugly ones. But lately, I’ve been very concerned because I keep having this kind of dream. In my dream, I keep going back to our old house when we were kids.

ANSWER: If you don’t have your own house at the moment or let’s just say you’re renting, it’s likely that you’re indeed dreaming of a house because these are called “wish fulfillment dreams.” It means that through dreams, “our dreams and desires in life come true while we sleep – through dreams.” It is said that dreaming of a house and not just any house sometimes is the “newly built house and lot” of a newlywed couple dreaming of having their own land and house.

This is a type of dream called “wish fulfillment dreams” as explained above. Meanwhile, let’s now explore other meanings of a house in dreams: In the ancient or traditional interpretation, the house in dreams signifies tranquility – peace of mind and unity. Because the house is the dwelling place of the family and the resting place of the family, dreaming of it at this time also implies love for relatives or extreme concern for your family or each member of your family, which is why the house bursts into your unconscious mind. It could also be during moments of your dream, if you are alone and without a family of your own, “you wish to have a family” that will accompany you and with whom you can talk about your concerns and problems at present.

Because life has a foundation and every part of it is complete – doors, windows, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and more, the house in the dream also signifies the harmony of the mind and the integrity of the inner self. If it’s a nipa hut or a house of the poor, it means you’re satisfied with your current life situation, even if you’re poor. Because when you often dream of a hut or a small house, it means you’re unlikely to get rich in the present. If the size of the house is just right, not small and not beautiful or big, it indicates that in your current status, you can say you’re in the “middle class” and you’re satisfied or happy with your situation.

If the house in the dream is big, beautiful, luxurious, and rich, it indicates that in the present, your “unconscious self” still dreams or aspires for “something more” in life or additional achievements in the society you’re in. If you’re already well-off in life and somewhat wealthy, dreaming of a beautiful and big house indicates you’re dreaming of getting rich, and if you always dream of the said beautiful and luxurious house, it’s a sign of material abundance until you finally get rich. In a modern or psychological interpretation, the house in your dream represents you. The current state of your personality.

So, if you dream of a beautiful house, it means that your outlook on life at present is good and it can also be said that you are “spiritually and physically fit” during the times when you dream of a beautiful, bright, and orderly house. On the other hand, if the house is damaged, like a peeling ceiling, it means you have deep problems at present related to your “spiritual self” or you are looking for a deeper meaning of life. Sometimes, the ceiling of the house in your dream is damaged because during those times you are no longer paying attention to the “spiritual side” and “inner side of your personality.”

Meanwhile, a new house in a dream symbolizes a new beginning, new idea, and new plans and desires in your current life. The old house with many damaged parts, on the other hand, is a representation of health, you may be stressed at present or actually ill which is why you dream of a house with many damages and needs “house repair.” It means you need a medical check-up or additional rest, regular exercise, and relaxation to regain a strong and healthy body. Because the house in your dream also represents you, when you dream of a beautiful house, it means “people and your family have a good view of you” in the society you belong to.

If life is ugly, vice versa, the current view of the society you belong to is also ugly so you need to “remodel or renovate” the said life to clean, fix, and beautify your own personality again. But, what’s unique in your dream, Cherry Anne, about the house is your “repeated return to your old house when you were a kid.” This implies that your unconscious self wants to “return to its past life or past event because it misses the past. It misses the past because it’s surely sad in the present, likely that your heart is crying at present so it wants to go back to the past, when life was happier and there were no problems, to momentarily, even just in a dream, be happy again and enjoy the chaotic situation of your life at present.”

In other words, “you have a deep problem at present, and it is related to your family. That’s why you want to go back to the past, to when you were kids. To the days when life was happier and there were no problems, so that even for a moment, even just in a dream, the tumultuous situation of your life at present could be happy and joyful again.”

So the advice, Cherry Anne, is to sleep again and when you dream of a house, make sure that the house you dream of “is a beautiful, modern house and your current house” – which signifies that “you have completely moved on at present,” your “regression” has healed, where, at present, you are a matured, successful, and happy being.

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