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A Talisman Example: Amulet of Nardong Putik

An example of a Talisman is the Amulet of Nardong Putik, better known in real life as Leonardo Manicio of Cavite.

Leonardo Manicio, A.K.A. Nardong Putik, was born on March 25, 1925, in Sabang, Dasmarinas, Cavite. He worked as a driver and also served as a policeman in the town of Dasmarinas. Nardong Putik was the son of a political leader, and it’s said that his father was also killed, possibly due to political reasons.

He became known for his gangster persona, earning the title of “public enemy number 1.” He was accused of various crimes, including theft, kidnapping, murder, and being a protector of illegal drugs. However, Nardong Putik was also known as the Robin Hood of Cavite because he shared what he stole with the poor and the common people, especially farmers. He helped them attain “swift justice,” like when he killed buffalo thieves in Cavite.

Nardong Putik was captured by the police or law enforcement officers many times, but he repeatedly managed to escape. It was believed that his Talisman, Amulet, or Anting-anting protected him from his enemies. He was often said to be “invisible when he covered himself in mud and impervious to bullets.”

However, on the morning of October 10, 1971, led by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Philippine Constabulary (PC), and the Imus Police, after a lengthy car chase from Nobeleta, Alapan, Imus, and between Panamitan and Tabon in Kawit, they intercepted a red Chevrolet Impala, which Nardong Putik was driving. A fierce shootout ensued and, eventually, Nardong Putik met his demise.

Some believe that Nardong Putik was killed in that encounter because his Talisman or Amulet lost its power. He had abused its abilities, failed to recite the prayers, and his malevolence had gone too far.

However, there’s another version circulating among the people of Cavite. It’s said that Nardong Putik was allegedly first intoxicated by his close friends. He was struck on the head with a pipe, and it’s claimed that he was already lifeless when placed in his car. The car was then subjected to a hail of bullets to make it appear that law enforcement had killed him.

On the day of his burial, numerous people paid their respects, and the road leading to his final resting place was filled with mourners.

His life was even depicted in two films in 1972 and 1984, titled “Nardong Putik (Terror of Cavite),” portrayed by former Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr.

Regardless of the truth, it’s ingrained in belief that Leonardo Manicio, A.K.A. Nardong Putik, possessed an Amulet or Anting-anting. According to this belief, when he concealed himself in mud, he became invisible to his enemies. It’s also believed that he was impervious to bullets. Therefore, many think that on October 10, 1971, Nardong Putik did not die. Instead, he managed to escape and lived quietly in a remote mountain in Cavite until his natural death.

Nardong Putik is believed to have possessed several amulets, including a “red stone called ‘mutya ng lupa,’ a scapular with marked prayers, a copper ring, and a medal with an engraved cross in the middle on both sides, a handkerchief with a triangle ‘AAA,’ and many others

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