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We are all a type of energy form.

As an energy, each of us emits frequency and vibration.

It is important to elevate the level of our frequency and vibration so that we are not quickly overtaken by negative energy, and to always maintain a positive outlook, attitude, and disposition in life. This is the key to having a happy and contented life.

In our daily interactions in this world, it is not easy to keep our frequency and vibration calibrated and at a high level. There are many factors around us that attract negative energy.

Maintaining a high and strong frequency and vibration is a daily practice. If we liken it to a cell phone, it’s also important to charge our energy so it doesn’t drain and we don’t end up low battery.

Here are five simple ways to balance your energy and keep your frequency and vibration high every day:

  1. Live in the present. Being grounded is the key to maintaining a high frequency and vibration. Excessive worry about the future and dwelling on the past depletes our energy supply. You can plan your whole day and set goals for the future without worrying about the outcome. The results of any plans and actions should be entrusted to the universe. Stop thinking about negative things. Start materializing your dreams with the help of the law of attraction.
  1. Practice breathing exercises. Not everyone practices meditation and yoga. But it’s important for each of us to perform proper breathing techniques. Supported by Science, oxygen helps improve our mind and nerves. Breathe slowly and deeply, then release it slowly. Feel the air (oxygen) as it enters your lungs. Do breathing exercises for five to 15 minutes. This simple breathing technique can energize your body and help combat any negative emotions and anxiety.
  1. Connect with nature. Escape the chaotic life and materialism by appreciating nature. Simple gardening is enough to reconnect with Mother Nature. Scientific studies have also proven that plants release positive electrons that are good for energizing the body and mind.
  1. Do things that make you happy. Don’t be tied to a routine that doesn’t fulfill you. Be bold enough to follow your heart and dreams, as they say. After all, being happy should be everyone’s primary goal.
  1. Take care of your health. You won’t be able to take care of your loved ones if you don’t take care of yourself. Learn the proper ways to take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat nutritious food. Drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep. Be productive. All of these will help strengthen yourself.

I hope the steps I shared will help raise your frequency and vibration. Do you have anything to add? Just comment below.

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