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The Strength and Courage of Filipinos: Demonstrating Capability to the Country and the World (Using 70s songs)

In every note and word of the songs of the 1970s, the strength and bravery of Filipinos in their various fields in the Philippines and around the world are presented. Stories of hope, love, and struggle reflect the countless experiences of Filipino women, who continue to demonstrate determination and excellence in their endeavors.

“Son” by Freddie Aguilar: This song not only shows the sacrifice of a parent but also the courage and determination of a mother. Many Filipinas become OFWs to give their children a better future, even if they have to be away from them.

Rey Valera’s “Even My Hair Is White”: Through these words, Filipinos show their resilience and love in the midst of trials. Many women fight for their dreams and for their families, even when they are tired and hard.

“How Often Sometimes” by Basil Valdez: This is a reminder that Filipinos have the ability to face and overcome life’s challenges. Despite times of hardship and sadness, they will continue to face each day with courage and hope.

“Ikaw Lamang” by Hajji Alejandro: A Filipina’s love for her family and her country is priceless. With every step they take, they show their dedication and love to their loved ones.

“Sinasamba Kita” by Rey Valera: Filipinos show their love and dedication not only to their family but also to their work. Many of them become caregivers, nurses, and other professionals who serve their fellow man.

“Minsan Pa” by Marco Sison: The hope and faith of Filipinos is eternal. Even when trials and tribulations come, they continue to look forward to upliftment and success.

“Sand Castle” by Sampaguita: This is a reminder that Filipinos have deep faith in themselves and their dreams. Despite any challenge, they continue to trust and fight.

“Nais Ko” by Pilita Corrales: Filipinos are brave and determined to achieve their dreams. With every step they take, they continue to show their resilience and love for life.

“Hindi Kita Malilutan” by Basil Valdez: The love and appreciation of Filipinos for their loved ones never changes no matter what happens. Each day, they continue to show their love and support.

“Mahal Pa Rin Kita” by Rockstar: Despite trials and tribulations, the love and dedication of Filipinos will remain. They show their courage and resilience in every day they face.

Through the music and songs of the 1970s, we show the countless strength and courage of Filipinos. They are not only women with beautiful voices and musicality but also exemplary workers, parents, and women in society. Their stories continue to express inspiration and hope to each of us.

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