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Diabetes is sixth on the WHO list of deadly diseases. However, among the many afflicted (425 million worldwide), diabetes is in the lead. It is not a contagious disease, but it spreads rapidly. It is a lifestyle disease that can be acquired through diet and bad habits. It is also the trigger for other diseases due to complications such as hypertension, heart attack, kidney failure, and more. Because of the lack of energy needed by our body due to diabetes, it weakens our vital organs.



The imbalance in our daily diet leads to a lack of the right nutrients for our body organs and systems to function properly. One of the affected organs is our pancreas, which, when deficient in nutrients and enzymes, breaks down and can no longer produce insulin to regulate our blood sugar.

What foods cause diabetes?

Apart from sweet foods, there are other foods that cause an increase in our blood sugar levels. One of them is a lack of discipline in our eating habits. When we’re not ill, we consume everything we desire. However, there comes a point when a certain food that is not good for our health is consistently ingested into our bodies; this becomes the cause of high blood sugar and other illnesses. What are these foods?

Processed sweet foods, such as powdered juice, coffee mixed with various sweeteners, cakes, ice cream, cookies, and many others that are truly delicious but harmful to our health. If it cannot be avoided, it is possible to eat them but in moderation. Anything in excess is truly harmful.

High-carb foods

We need carbohydrates in our bodies because they are the primary source of the energy we need. High-carb foods include rice, pasta, starchy foods, bread, and others of the like. They are also obtained from vegetables and fruits. However, excessive consumption of these foods, apart from fruits and vegetables, pushes us to have high blood sugar levels.


When there’s insufficient exercise and physical activity, energy is not utilized properly, and blood sugar levels remain high. Although this is not the primary cause of a person developing diabetes, being inactive can increase blood sugar.


No matter how cautious a person is, if they have a family history of diabetes, there is a possibility that they will also have it. Therefore, people with a family history of diabetes need to be more cautious because even if they do not want to become diabetic, they cannot escape it since it is already in their genes.


Eating in an “eat-all-you-can” manner is enjoyable. We often say, “happy tummy” because our stomachs are full from delicious food, and we get satisfaction from eating everything we desire. Lack of control over the right amount and what to eat plays a significant role in weight gain. When a person is obese, their body has a hard time accepting insulin, which is responsible for converting glucose into energy from the carbohydrates we consume. What happens is that unprocessed glucose remains in the blood as blood sugar.


Stress is associated with many illnesses, including diabetes. This is the opinion of some medical experts. According to them, physical or mental stress can cause an unexpected increase in blood sugar due to stress hormones released by our bodies.

When you sit down for a meal, look at what you’re eating and remember this article

Next, we will discuss the different levels of diabetes.

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