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Weekly Horoscope November 20-26, 2023

ARIES: The current planetary positions affecting your zodiac sign prompt you to face various challenges. You might be encouraged by the fact that in the coming times, your problems will become clearer, and many of them will be resolved satisfactorily for your happiness. In the second part of the week, you may encounter a very deep emotional issue. Confront it and don’t discard things for another opportunity. If necessary, rely on something stronger.

Love: Advise family members to organize their lives. Be a friend and offer assistance. If you are single, you may meet someone with beautiful memories of you.

TAURUS: Under the influence of Venus, you will gain a better understanding of your relationships this week. During this time, Venus may lead you to new, unexpected friendships or strengthen your connections with family and friends. Your kind personality can encourage people to get to know you better. Venus will provide you with insights into balancing your life and relationships. It will inspire you to engage people and seek their advice.

Love: In the next period, stay strong in your principles. Don’t be swayed by the advice of others, and trust your partner as before. Singles can expect a truly enchanting kingdom with someone they know.

GEMINI: Don’t let the income of your partner disturb you. Control your spending even if your partner is successful. If you do this properly, it will bring happiness to your love life this week. You will also experience a quiet phase in other aspects. Under the influence of Mars, you can focus on your achievements and reap rewards for your diligent work in recent days.

Love: If you feel neglected in a relationship, try to appreciate your partner with a beautiful and sweet gift. It can breathe new life into your relationship. Singles should not expect too much from an expected partner.

CANCER: Your pessimism is not suitable this week. Focus on your own self and forget about others’ problems. There is someone who is not sincere and open to you. Use the information you discover this week to help you get back on track with your set goals. Don’t neglect your family; if you give them attention, anticipate beautiful moments.

Love: If you have issues in a relationship, reach out to a close friend who can give you good advice. Singles should focus on friendships rather than searching for a relationship.

LEO: Even though you might be surprised, you are full of new ideas. In your work, this is where you can showcase yourself. Your energy is unstoppable. The stars push you to get the attention of the opposite sex. If you have a love interest, they will look at you with admiration and gain insights. Seek unusual information from your friends. Use this information to your advantage and, if needed, ask for help from your family. You’ll get it a hundred times over.

Love: Don’t forget the trust that strengthens every working relationship. If you are without a partner, expect a message from someone in your past.

VIRGO: The planet Mars will affect your sign this week. Under its leadership, the energy you’ve long needed will return to your life. At the beginning of the week, you will wake up happy and with the energy to face the tasks waiting for you throughout the week. Follow your dream path and walk with pride. Mars will also help you make important decisions and take action.

Love: Your loved one needs appreciation, trust, and respect. Communicate more and laugh together. For singles, the door is opening to meet someone new.

LIBRA: You need to be careful and cautious this week. You are on the edge of danger. You may experience positive and negative experiences and feelings. Everything will depend on the events that follow. If you are vigilant, everything will be fine. But you need to be careful not to be distracted by sweet talks of others. There may be some misunderstandings in the field of relationships. This needs to be explained well. If you can’t handle it properly, you may be at risk of separation or divorce. Financially, you are at risk of financial shortages, be cautious of unwise debts. From a health perspective, you have more than enough. High pressure and stress cause joint and back pain. It is good to have a good sleep and more rest.

Love: Don’t try to plant your partner in your problems that you need to solve at another time. If you are single and have recently been played with, you have a chance to start again.

SCORPIO: You may feel and take a break for yourself this week. Sometimes you feel a neutral balance. At that time, you are like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes up, sometimes down. But this week, the long-awaited peace will come. You can relax and enjoy the view of the rushing world around you. Do not approach any complicated situation at work, and do your job well as you know it best. Don’t hesitate to reward yourself at the end of the week with something you’ve long desired. But avoid overspending and don’t invest a large amount of money in your happiness. Instead, think of a smaller thing that will bring you complete joy.

Love: Maintain a calm tone of voice and a sensible expression in quarrels. This is the only way to show your partner that you are completely above the thing, and they will be ashamed of themselves. If you don’t have a partner, this is the time to fully enjoy your solitude, which is sometimes very important and necessary for you.

SAGITTARIUS: Under the influence of Mercury, you may be disturbed by memories of the past this week. Don’t be blinded by negative feelings during this time. Stop worrying about what happened and focus on what you have now. Mercury may confuse you during this time, but it will give you the strength to understand your feelings. So, you’ll have the chance to face your deepest thoughts this week.

Love: Try to understand the needs and feelings of your partner. If they see that you are interested in their work or other aspects of life, they also want to understand your problems. In this way, you will be closer. Singles may meet an interesting person in an unusual place. Expect a new direction in your love life.

CAPRICORN: Focus on your work responsibilities. You’ve been waiting a long time to clean up your desk or fix relationships with colleagues. But you also need to protect your own interests; you have the right to do so. Family and home happiness should be a priority for you. Within the family, pay more attention to the elderly and children, even if they are not your own. It will come back to you a hundred times in the form of energy and positive emotions.

Love: You must not focus on your past anymore. Don’t think of what was or what could be. You should better focus on the presence and your partner. If you are without a partner, show the world your softer side. If you want a truly valuable relationship, you have to show that you are interested.

AQUARIUS: You will be indecisive in love, and if you are deciding between two people, your decisions and practices can fundamentally affect your future life. You will struggle with your mind. Only you can tell exactly which way to take. Follow your gut and try to understand your life. Close your eyes, where do you see yourself in the future? Continue in your transactions or investments and study everything you need. It would be wise to consult a lawyer. Interest yourself in the health of your loved ones, visit your parents, and call your grandparents.

Love: Maintain a calm tone of voice and sensible expression in quarrels. This is the only way to show your partner that you are completely above the thing, and they will be ashamed of themselves. If you don’t have a partner, in the near future, you should give an opportunity to someone who is really interested in you.

PISCES: Pleasant well-being awaits you now in your love affairs. Everything will go well, and even if you have been with your partner for some time, they will pleasantly surprise you. Social trips and shopping should also bring real satisfaction. Choose to buy something you’ve long dreamed of. In the meantime, it is time to take pleasure in the hard work you have done. Buy a scratch card today. It can bring you a very nice win and will delight you. Remember to ensure your property for the future and also ensure your business and your apartment. You will be reliable at work, and management will appreciate it.

Love: Your love life will turn into trial during this period to test your love. Do not give up without a fight, because love is not a commonplace that everyone experiences. Accept the feedback of your partner. If you are in search of a partner, do not search for them on internet dating sites.

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