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Love Horoscope September 1, 2023

ARIES There’s an event you want to attend, but you won’t tell your partner about it, as it could lead to a misunderstanding. Obviously, this will lead to disaster so rethink your reasons for attending and then most importantly, contemplate why you’re keeping this a secret. Lucky numbers: 25 & 35

TAURUS A meaningful conversation will occur today between you and your partner about certain things troubling you. You need to properly express your concerns to help them understand fully and hopefully resolve your concerns. Lucky numbers: 18 & 24

GEMINI Your patience has run out. You’ve given them multiple chances to change, but it seems unlikely at this point. Your decision to end the relationship is firm, even if it hurts – you know it’s the right thing. Lucky numbers: 11 & 13

CANCER Torn between two lovers. You’re deeply confused about which one of your admirers deserves more attention. You love them both and they’re equally important to you. However, you know that only one can truly matter. Lucky numbers: 49 & 50

LEO A new situation opens the door to finally talk to someone you’ve been desperately wishing to speak with for a while. But don’t rush into asking the questions you want to know. If you truly have feelings for them, consider their feelings too. Lucky numbers: 15 & 19

VIRGO You want to talk to someone else, but today, a routine conversation will be astonishingly surprising and could lead to greater honesty between you two, focusing on your true feelings for each other. Lucky numbers: 27 & 22

LIBRA A surprise event will bring you closer to a special person. It’s a chance to share exciting conversations with each other. If you feel a connection, this is an opportunity to nurture it further. Lucky numbers: 31 & 37

SCORPIO You’ll make an important decision today regarding your loved one. There are issues between the two of you that you want to avoid, and try to solve alone. Should you really keep pushing them away? Lucky numbers: 28 & 39

SAGITTARIUS Be prepared for a romantic discussion with someone your heart desires. Don’t hide your true feelings for this person; show them how you genuinely feel. Lucky numbers: 22 & 45

CAPRICORN You might feel a lack of trust in your partner today. Doubts may arise, especially if they stay out late or hold onto their phone. It’s better to investigate this secretly. Lucky numbers: 12 & 21

AQUARIUS Despite your efforts to avoid them, you won’t be able to decline an invitation from someone you secretly love. You might want to stay away to avoid getting hurt, but your heart is putting you in jeopardy. Yet, despite this, you can’t deny the excitement and joy. Lucky numbers: 36 & 40

PISCES: Although you are aware in your mind and heart that you are correct, it’s advisable to retain what you wish to express. Only unveil your perspective when you perceive that your partner comprehends and genuinely understands its significance. This approach will enable you to further intensify your emotions. Lucky numbers: 15 & 30

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