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Love Horoscope November 26, 2023

ARIES Until January 4, matters of the heart are influenced by the spirit of “adventures.” Mars injects passionate energy into your desire to travel and explore, offering limitless romantic possibilities. Whether you’re flying solo or partnered, expanding your horizons is the key to significant and passionate progress. Embrace new experiences as they promise to deepen any connection. Keep your mind open and options wide!
Lucky numbers: 23 & 46

TAURUS A sizzling season of passion officially begins! Mars ignites erotic energy and sexuality until January, making your desires unstoppable. You’ll intuitively sense where to apply abundant, deep-bonding energy. Whether single or partnered, form a calm, manageable team with your libido. Lucky numbers: 31 & 34

GEMINI Your relationship world is about to get spicy! With Mars igniting partnerships, you’ll feel more attracted to your significant other or someone special. Mars also boosts the courage to break free if you’ve hit a rough patch in love. If single, don’t hold back—confidence won’t be an issue in asking someone out. Lucky numbers: 4 & 27

CANCER Your sexual wellness becomes a priority until January. Mars cranks up the volume on your libido, increasing your desire for physical intimacy. Whether single or spoken for, your ability to satisfy your needs is off the charts. It’s time to find new and interesting ways to work up a sweat. Lucky numbers: 18 & 49

LEO Prepare for a passion surge in your romantic world! Mars ignites opportunities for love and romance, fueling fiery encounters and fun-filled moments. Whether spicing things up with a partner or meeting someone new, the heat is on. Resolving arguments could take more enjoyable and interesting turns. Lucky numbers: 11 & 40

VIRGO Passion reaches a boiling point from the comfort of your home. With Mars influencing domestic affairs until January, your boudoir could become a romantic hotspot. Whether coupled or solo, let your libido lead with under-your-roof passion. Explore new ways to create intimacy at home. Lucky numbers: 20 & 22

LIBRA Ways to convey yourself passionately are becoming clearer. Your romantic words can connect deeply with someone, so don’t hold back. Cosmic support won’t last, so take advantage of this time to express your feelings and desires. Lucky numbers: 11 & 27

SCORPIO Boldly stand up for what you desire in a relationship as Mars boosts your confidence until January. Speaking up to a lover or someone close may happen more frequently. Be refreshingly direct about your desires but watch spending to impress—it could go overboard. Lucky numbers: 13 & 35

SAGITTARIUS Up for a sizzling love adventure? With Mars in your sign until January 4, turn on the passionate charm. Whether attached or single, prepare for a new passionate trajectory. Efforts made in new ways could bring surprising results. Lucky numbers: 36 & 42

CAPRICORN Until January, Mars intensifies dreams, fantasies, and secrets. Expect intriguing erotic insights and release control. Whether solo or partnered, embrace the benefits of rest, recovery, and rejuvenation in your love life. Kick back and chill! Lucky numbers: 55 & 64

AQUARIUS Love is in the air, Aquarius! With Mars affecting your friendships and long-term goals, expect a shake-up in your social life with added romantic options. Whether attached or single, mix love with your friendships or explore group outings together. Lucky numbers: 67 & 73

PISCES Until January, you’re granted a new position of power in your relationship world. Mars boosts responsibilities and recognition, making you determined to ensure your efforts are appreciated. If single, you might attract successful people, but watch for coming across as overly confident. Lucky numbers: 10 & 35

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