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Love Horoscope November 23, 2023

ARIES Your desired outcome is unlikely. The person you’re currently drawn to is not the right match for you. Investing time in pursuing them will only be a waste, as they won’t reciprocate as you hope. Lucky numbers: 40 & 51

TAURUS The person you used to envy will now be the one supporting you in your current struggles. Therefore, you’ll decide to let go of past grievances to be comfortable around them. Lucky numbers: 32 & 37

GEMINI Your heart will beat faster today because you unexpectedly encounter someone special. This person brings a smile to your face and inspires you, making your day brighter whenever you see them. Lucky numbers: 25 & 30

CANCER It will be challenging to convince your spouse of your desires. However, you don’t have time to argue with them. Nevertheless, you’ll still attempt to persuade them in a gentle manner during the remaining time. Lucky numbers: 45 & 55

LEO Even if you’re not physically close today, you’ll remain positive about your relationship. You’ll continue to believe that you’re the only one they love, and their thoughts are solely about you, just as yours are for them. Lucky numbers: 13 & 14

VIRGO Today is not the day for reconciliation. As long as you both refuse to listen to each other’s perspectives, your minds will remain in turmoil, and your relationship will not find stability. Lucky numbers: 67 & 68

LIBRA Misunderstandings will arise between you and your partner. Despite the advice from concerned family and friends, you won’t be able to avoid it. Lucky numbers: 8 & 16

SCORPIO You have no control over the decision your spouse will make. You won’t be able to stop them from doing what they want, so it’s better to support them instead of opposing or remaining silent. Lucky numbers: 13 & 16

SAGITTARIUS You can greatly help your partner through their current challenges. Even if it’s not a material thing, you know you can provide support and prayers to assist them. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

CAPRICORN Your trust in your spouse will be lacking today, making it difficult for them to perform their duties properly. Your doubts will linger, preventing them from finding peace. Lucky numbers: 22 & 33

AQUARIUS You’ll be entertained by their excessive playfulness. Your day will be joyful and colorful. However, before the night ends, you might get irritated by a word they utter. Lucky numbers: 11 & 13

PISCES You won’t be able to prevent their departure. Despite both your reluctance, your paths are temporarily set to part. You’ll be enveloped in sadness on this day because of it. Lucky numbers: 5 & 9

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