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Love Horoscope December 9, 2023

ARIES: You know it’s foolish, but that’s how it is when you love because, just like now, you’re hurting again, yet you’re willing to endure; just don’t let him leave you. Lucky numbers: 8-5

TAURUS: The chance of getting back together between you two is slim. It’s time to completely forget about him and move forward without him. Move on. Lucky numbers: 14-24

GEMINI: Heaven loves you. Despite several failures in love, he will give you someone who doesn’t care about your past and only wants to be with you in the present. Lucky numbers: 3-18

CANCER: Even though he often hurts you with hurtful words, your lips remain sealed, not wanting to prolong his anger any further. Lucky numbers: 12-18

LEO: Torn between two lovers? That’s what you’re feeling now because even though you’re in a relationship, you still want to see and be with your ex who hurt your feelings. Lucky numbers: 5-12

VIRGO: Due to your hot temper, you may utter words that will cause your partner’s anger. Even if you want to take back what you said, it’s too late. Lucky numbers: 20-24

LIBRA: You’re still in his heart, but you won’t feel it now. You think nothing will change in your love life; the events will keep repeating. Lucky numbers: 9 & 27

SCORPIO: Despite the mistakes made last year, he is still with you. You should learn to value his feelings. Lucky numbers: 13 & 19

SAGITTARIUS: Now you’re happily facing the new challenges of fate. You’ve been through a lot, and you’ve overcome everything, so you know this is a piece of cake for you. Lucky numbers: 15 & 30

CAPRICORN: You have something to ask from your loved one, and you know he won’t easily refuse, so seize this opportunity. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

AQUARIUS: You will discover something significant about your relationship. But even if it’s crucial, you won’t take any action for now. You want to avoid headaches. Lucky numbers: 30-38

PISCES: Due to your anger, you might say something unpleasant to your partner. But you know you shouldn’t let anger prevail, though it’s too late. Lucky numbers: 34 & 43

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