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Love Horoscope December 5, 2023

ARIES There will be misunderstandings between you as a couple. You cannot avoid this, but you should resolve it and not let your pride prevail. Lucky numbers: 8 & 16

TAURUS You cannot prevent the desires and decisions of your spouse. So, even though it’s difficult, support them for your dreams. Lucky numbers: 13 & 16

GEMINI Give the support your loved one is asking for; they need you now more than ever, so do not deny them. Lucky numbers: 30 & 40

CANCER The trust you gave to your spouse will diminish due to some secrets you will uncover. Lucky numbers: 22 & 33

LEO You will be amused by their excessive playfulness. Your day will be joyful and colorful, causing you to fall for them even more. Lucky numbers: 11 & 13

VIRGO You cannot stop their departure. Despite both of you being against it, your paths are temporarily destined to part. You will be enveloped in sadness on this day because of it. Lucky numbers: 5 & 9

LIBRA Due to your excessive belief in their words and promises, expect pain that it will bring you. Lucky numbers: 40 & 51

SCORPIO The person you rejected before is the one you will long for now, but it seems too late because you no longer see them. Lucky numbers: 32 & 37

SAGITTARIUS Because of a new love entering your life, your life will brighten and become happier, contrary to what you once believed to be joyless. Lucky numbers: 25 & 30

CAPRICORN It will be difficult to convince your spouse of your desires. However, you don’t have time to argue with them. Nevertheless, you will still try to persuade them in a gentle manner in the remaining time. Lucky numbers: 45 & 55

AQUARIUS Even if you are not physically close right now, remain positive about your relationship. Continue to believe that you are the only one they love and that they think only of you because that’s how you are to them. Lucky numbers: 13 & 14

PISCES Even if you love them dearly, if you feel unimportant, you can and will eventually forget them to force yourself into the arms of someone who you know values you. Lucky numbers: 67 & 68

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