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Love Horoscope December 4, 2023

ARIES You might think everything is happy and trouble-free in your relationship, but suddenly, they will go silent on you. It will be challenging to reach them in any way, and you’ll be overly concerned for them and the relationship.

Lucky Numbers: 34 & 37

TAURUS Despite their good and affectionate gestures, you can’t be sure if they truly love you. Until they explicitly say it, refrain from assuming if you don’t want to get hurt.

Lucky Numbers: 22 & 41

GEMINI The more you hate, the more you love. This will be proven in your love life. The person you strongly dislike will soften your heart, and you’ll feel love for them.

Lucky Numbers: 13 & 26

CANCER What’s meant to happen will happen, regardless of any attempts to prevent it. The distance from your partner might bring temporary sadness, but it’s only fleeting.

Lucky Numbers: 8 & 18

LEO Due to the favors you owe your partner, you’ll be compelled to grant their request, even if it goes against your will. You’ll accept it, even if it hurts, because their happiness is more important to you.

Lucky Numbers: 14 & 23

VIRGO You can’t take back what you’ve said, and you can’t retreat from the commitment. Your partner will understand, so instead of getting angry, they’ll support your decision.

Lucky Numbers: 10 & 20

LIBRA You have an entertaining person in your life who makes you smile and swoon. However, don’t assume too much yet because it’s too early to know their true feelings for you.

Lucky Numbers: 67 & 69

SCORPIO Promises won’t be enough for you; you need tangible actions and commitment. You know a long-distance relationship will be challenging, but you’ll try because you have no other option.

Lucky Numbers: 57 & 62

SAGITTARIUS Now that they’re no longer by your side, you’ll realize their true value. You’ll miss their affection, especially the genuine love you took for granted.

Lucky Numbers: 8 & 16

CAPRICORN You’ll be forced to end your relationship due to the overwhelming stress it brings. Many are against you, and their silence amid criticism adds to your stress.

Lucky Numbers: 21 & 33

AQUARIUS A new love will knock on your heart, but you’re not ready to open it. The pain from a past love is still fresh in your mind and heart, so you want to take a break.

Lucky Numbers: 46 & 57

PISCES You don’t need to compete with your beloved. You should be working together and supporting each other. If you continue to compete, it will overshadow the love in your hearts.

Lucky Numbers: 13 & 39

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