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Love Horoscope December 11, 2023

ARIES: You are one of the fortunate ones who has found true love. Even if you may not love them as much, you can be sure that their love for you is immeasurable, and you should be thankful for it. Lucky numbers: 20 & 49

TAURUS: Your partner disagrees with your plans to go far. While your goal may not be that significant, you’ve been planning it for a long time, so their refusal now irritates you. Lucky numbers: 15 & 19

GEMINI: You will test your partner’s honesty today. Now you can prove that your suspicions are valid, so consider your next steps carefully. Lucky numbers: 40 & 63

CANCER: You are reaching a point where you will seriously consider whether being in a relationship with them brings something good to you or if it’s just toxic for your personality. Also, between you and your family. Lucky numbers: 20 & 27

LEO: Your concern for a friend will be given a different color by your partner. This might lead to a misunderstanding. It will be difficult for you to explain your side to them. Lucky numbers: 15 & 34

VIRGO: You will run out of patience with your partner, whom you think is childish. There are many things in your relationship that they don’t understand, and you expect them to understand by now, making it hard for you to comprehend them. Lucky numbers: 2 & 8

LIBRA: A new friend on social media will catch your interest. Aside from seeing their external appearance, you will also discover their kindness. That’s why you’ll secretly like them. Lucky numbers: 65 & 69

SCORPIO: You will gain nothing from reconciling with someone who once rejected you. The past events in your relationship will just repeat. In the end, you’ll still be the one left defeated. You can change your fate if you think about it. Lucky numbers: 3 & 7

SAGITTARIUS: Your sudden decision on an important matter will disappoint your partner, especially if it involves your financial status. They will worry about the outcome of your life together. Lucky numbers: 15 & 30

CAPRICORN: It hurts, but you have no choice but to continue pretending that you still love them. This is because you will ruin many things if you reveal your true feelings, so you won’t want it to happen. Lucky numbers: 7 & 11

AQUARIUS: Your bonding outside your partner will be beautiful. Today, you will once again feel the sweetness of your love, just like when you first met with an immediate spark. Lucky numbers: 26 & 32

PISCES: You will give a new love a chance in your heart today. Because you are interested in their personality, you will want to get to know them more and learn many things about them. Lucky numbers: 14 & 28

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