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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) November 16, 2023


You will have a chance to bond with your friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. This day will be filled with fun stories and teasing so make it memorable for you.

Lucky number; 14,16,20,28


They won’t let you do what you want because they know it won’t be good for you. This is not the time to be stubborn. Learn to listen to elders especially your parents.

Lucky number; 13,15,19,22


Don’t force yourself on someone because someone else truly loves you. You just need to open your eyes to the truth if you don’t want to experience what you are experiencing now… once again.

Lucky number; 34,45,46,57


Today is an important day for your friend and you know that he needs your support as he considers you his bestie. So, get off your couch, fight the laziness you feel and help your buddy.

Lucky number; 51,53,64,66


Avoid leaving the house because this is not a good day for drinking. You will feel horribly sick if you go to the usual drinking place,  so it is better to keep quiet at home.

Lucky number; 30,39,45,53


A good opportunity awaits you today. You cannot believe who will bring you this opportunity but instead of wondering why it is happening,  you should be happy and thankful.

Lucky number; 3,4,11,16


Your old association that once had a rift will now be given life again. An important person will intervene and make a way for your group to be re-formed.

Lucky number; 15,37,38,49


Avoid thinking negatively. It won’t help you. It is better to replace negative thoughts with a positive outlook so that it also attracts the best vibes and a good day for you.

Lucky number; 40,49,51,62


Today, you will let your emotions sail free. Even if it is not in your plan yet, you will be forced to express your attitude about a matter that has been bothering you for a long time and this time nothing can stop you.

Lucky number; 30,33,47,50


It’s too early to celebrate. You will need to spend your day doing meaningful things and waiting patiently for the details of the luck awaiting you. Be patient, this will prevent the good fortune from falling apart.

Lucky number; 64,65,78,79


Be careful what you say to your loved one. Do not tell him things that you have no other basis but other people’s words. This will not help your relationship. It’s better if you find out the truth first.

Lucky number; 51,62,73,84


You will be drowned in love today because you will be surrounded by people who love you very much. They are the type that you need to keep in your life and not others who have different goals than you.

Lucky number; 17,18,25,36

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