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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) December 9, 2023

RAT: You will face challenges before you attain what you desire at the moment. Whether you like it or not, you’ll need to go through this because you have no other choice. You will eventually achieve it. Lucky numbers: 25, 27, 34, 36

OX: You won’t have a hard time convincing a client for your new product. They trust you greatly, so whatever you say about it, they will believe, and your conversation will go smoothly. Lucky numbers: 5, 16, 20, 21

TIGER: You find great amusement in a new acquaintance because of their comedic nature. Your otherwise dull day won’t be boring anymore. They can brighten your day. Lucky numbers: 35, 40, 53, 60

RABBIT: Be careful when going out as you are close to an accident. Avoid getting involved with a new friend you don’t fully know. You might be in danger because of them, even if unintentionally. Lucky numbers: 24, 32, 40, 46

DRAGON: You’ll be in conflict with someone who incessantly borrows money from your spouse. You’ll feel irritation, especially since you also need help, and furthermore, you don’t know them well. Lucky numbers: 25, 44, 57, 60

SNAKE: Luck may still be elusive for you today. It’s better if you focus on work for now. Keep yourself busy while waiting for the opportunity that will bring you luck. Lucky numbers: 13, 22, 28, 35

HORSE: You will receive a blessing from a relative who is far away. It’s unexpected, and you’ll be greatly pleased. It’s an early Christmas gift for you and your family that you should be thankful for. Lucky numbers: 15, 18, 33, 39

SHEEP: You’ll be surprised that a neighbor avoids you for an unexpected reason. But you already have too many problems, so it’s better to just ignore it for now. Lucky numbers: 50, 63, 77, 78

MONKEY: You won’t have to worry for now. All you need to do is excel in your work so that the opportunity already in your hands will give birth to more. Don’t forget to share your blessings. Lucky numbers: 47, 64, 80, 88

ROOSTER: You might feel annoyed by what you’ll read in your partner’s messenger. You won’t like their exchange of messages with a friend. Before taking any action, think about it carefully. Lucky numbers: 14, 26, 31, 33

DOG: You’ll be delighted by news from your loved one. Their happiness is your happiness, and their success is your success. So, you’ll give them your full support. Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8

PIG: Your explanation won’t be enough for one of your business partners to understand you. It seems like you’ll need to decide whether to continue partnering with them or not. Lucky numbers: 26, 37, 42, 43

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