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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) April 6, 2024


You’ll have a lot to finish today. But even before you start, you’ll already feel tired. This is because of your body’s not-so-good condition today.

Lucky Numbers: 6, 17, 28, 29


Your day will be somewhat brighter today. There’s someone who will make your day better because they know you’re feeling sad and restless. You’ll thank their effort that your household members couldn’t do.

Lucky Numbers: 10, 11, 13, 14


Finding joy inside the house isn’t difficult. Truth is, you have plenty of things to do. Even if you don’t like all the members of your family, you’ll set aside these feelings for peace.

Lucky Numbers: 30, 42, 45, 48


Your situation today will be challenging because aside from the difficulties brought by COVID, two loved ones will have a disagreement, and you’ll be caught in their mess.

Lucky Numbers: 9, 19, 22, 24


You often bring joy to a friend. Today, you’ll find a way to lighten their mood. You’re not a clown or a comedian, but your way will effectively make them happy.

Lucky Numbers: 59, 66, 68, 72


The help you’re expecting from a distant relative won’t arrive. Despite their desire to help you, there are obstacles in your situation preventing you from receiving it.

Lucky Numbers: 7, 17, 20, 30


Even if you don’t want to receive visitors due to caution, you won’t be able to turn away a friend who currently needs temporary shelter.

Lucky Numbers: 6, 16, 28, 33


You’ll have to wait a while before returning to work. It’s not just the current situation; you also have many work problems left to solve before you can return.

Lucky Numbers: 51, 52, 59, 60


No matter how sharp your memory is and how intelligent you are, you’ll remain indifferent to an issue you’ll learn about. You’re not in the mood for this argument, so you’ll just let it be.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 9, 10


Someone who’s long been secretly jealous and annoyed will confront you over a mistake they’ll assume you made. Because of their wrong assumption, they’ll embarrass themselves in front of you.

Lucky Numbers: 37, 38, 40, 42


It’s important to know who you can trust among your members. But it’ll be hard for you to choose, especially since they’re all smiling at you. You’ll choose the one who doesn’t present.

Lucky Numbers: 52, 69, 74, 76


The process of your charity work will be quick. Don’t expect everyone to be happy with your intention because not everyone will benefit from your help. But no one can surpass you.

Lucky Numbers: 43, 46, 50, 53

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