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thelastepistles – Indie Music Christian Gospel

What is the name of the band: thelastepistles

Where are you located: India

Music genre(s): Christian/Gospel

Band members and instruments: Jojigens, Worshipkeyboardist “Mithun”

Primary Instrumentalists

Jojigens: on Production, Extra Keys, Guitars, Lead Vocals

Worshipkeyboardist “Mithun” (on Piano, Production, Extra Keys, Backing vocals)

When did you start your band: 2017

Lovely Christian Gospel song

Social Media

YouTube: thelastepistles – YouTube

Facebook: (3) Facebook

Spotify: Yeshuve Ange Kaanuvaan (Demo) – Single by thelastepistles, Jojigens | Spotify

Apple Music: ‎Hey Jesus (Revisited) [feat. Sam Felix] – Single – Album by thelastepistles & Jojigens – Apple Music

Deezer: Hey Jesus (Revisited) – thelastepistles, Jojigens, Sam Felix – Deezer

thelastepistles is a Social Group where young souls who are inspired by the word of God and forth passionate to serve the world with whatever we have and possessed from God. We are pledged to proclaim the mission of God to every humankind by presenting ourselves as “the last epistle” from God. We demonstrate through our Songs & Words and striving hard to even show through our life as well. All we can say is, we stand by Grace; not by our talent.

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