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Skyforce is a solo independent electropop music artist, singer-songwriter, producer, writer and Hip-Hop music artist from Olongapo City, Zambales in the Philippines. With his real name, Jestin Robert Yao and started his music journey in the year 2019 with his first ever single, “My Sun, My Moon and My Stars” released on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and all other digital music platforms worldwide; currently with 800,000 streams on Spotify and counting.

Skyforce has released 41 songs on all digital music platforms worldwide since his debut and some of his songs like, Hold Me Tight, which currently has 400,000 plus streams on Spotify, are being recognized in the Indie music realm. His songs “Babae sa ilaw-ilaw”, “Ikaw Pa Rin”, “Again”, “Kawalan”, “Tsismis”, “Heartaway”, “Fall” and others have also been well received.

In the year 2020, he produced his first album, “Picasso & Payaso” which really hyped his music career in the Indie Music scene all across the Philippines. His controversial song, “Ang Sarap Mo Talaga” released last November 2022, together with Miss Lai Austria has further increased his listener base to the Hype of Hip Hop Music with thousands of views on YouTube.

He reached 50K listeners on Spotify early this year, and eight of his songs got into on Spotify’s OPM Rising Playlist. Four songs were on the list at the same time! One of these songs, “Hold Me Tight” reached the top of Spotify’s OPM Rising Playlist and is being placed on several international playlists as well as OPM Indie Playlists.

Skyforce was also featured on Billboards along EDSA and Rockwell on Spotify’s OPM Rising last December 2022 together with Zack Tabudlo, Sunkissed Lola, etc.

He has been linked with other indie artists in the OPM Iceberg Chart 2021 and 2022 together with Lola Amour, Over October, Ourselves the Elves, Ang Bandang Shirley, Banna Herbara, The Ridleys, Toneejay, Minaw, Lions and Acrobats, etc.

Skyforce has performed in huge events such as Musikape 2022 in Antipolo; Rizal, and Kleypel Land 2022 in Clark, Pampanga alongside other OPM Artists like Banda ni Kleggy, Gracenote, Johnnoy Danao and more with thousands of concert goers enjoying his performance.

Skyforce is one of the most promising OPM indie artists, providing quality and meaningful songs that open hearts to the beauty of music. Today, he is currently producing Hip Hop and electropop songs and collaborating with independent hip hop artists to further evolve within the industry. He will soon be releasing 2 hip hop/rap songs; “Mahiwahaga” together with Icy D and “Dito Ka Lang” in collaboration with MKTH, Jude the Zaint and Icy D.  He is working to collaborate with more artists with the goal to expand his music genre and inspire more listeners to his music.

His newest single, “Bahaghari” is being listened to around the world, inspiring people to love unconditionally. Sometimes love comes to us just once and can never be duplicated.

Jestin’s history in music started during his early high school days as a balladeer from the songs of Christian Bautista, Martin Nievera and Gary V. He then transitioned to loving rock and pop songs like Kamikazee, Bamboo, Urbandub, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5 and many others. He started to form different bands during his late high school days going to college, his bands were Junanax, Runyx, Raging Nostrum, Buko Juice, The Demon, Your Edge and Suzana. As he started his medical school days, he noticed that his band mates’ passion for music was not as burning as his, so he went solo and thus the birth of SKYFORCE.  He is now inspired by the music of Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, The Ransom Collective and currently being inspired by Hip Hop artists such as MC Einstein, Al James and Ez Mil.

Very cool song. Love it

His music is inspired from his emotions, stress and sadness and pushes him to create a world he calls, “The Skyforce Zone”. This world is his zone, his other persona where he works and creates music that is fueled with an inspiration that continuously flows through his heart and mind. This lifeforce is what draws him into a world of unfathomable inspiration for songwriting and since music is his true passion, he will never stop producing songs until his last breath in this world and beyond.

NEW RELEASE January 2024:

can be purchased here: Lingap – song and lyrics by Skyforce | Spotify

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