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Singer, Songwriter, Superbod Finalist, and Artist: Monique de los Santos

Originally from Cebu City, Monique now resides in Manila. She is an ultra-talented artist, singer, songwriter and best of all, a devoted single mom. Her music is OPM gold and needs to be heard. This is the first time we have done a bio that includes both music and pageantry.

Let’s start with a couple of video bios created by Monique:

The Century Tuna Superbods 2024 is an ultimate fitness competition in the Philippines. This year’s theme, “Best You Ever,” (with Kathryn Bernardo) promotes self-love and self-improvement. Among the 36 finalists, Monique de los Santos stands out, representing one of the many different body shapes and sizes and celebrating personal growth and overall wellness. The finalists will participate in digital and onsite challenges leading up to the Finals Night on July 9, 2024.

How did you get into pageantry? What made you want to compete?

I joined Century Tuna Superbods by first posting my audition video on Tiktok. At first honestly, I only wanted to join so I can be a sexy and hot mom 😆

What does beauty mean to you? It’s more than just looks, right?

Beauty for me is more than looks. I feel that a person for me is even more beautiful if he or she is a kind person. Kindness really goes a long way for me.

What makes you special? What sets you apart from the other contestants?

I think all of us Superbods are special in our own way. It’s hard to single myself out because after getting to know all the Superbods, I believe we all deserve to be where we are at. We all have overcome many life challenges and became stronger from it. The theme this year is be the best you ever and I believe we all have become the best versions of ourselves. We all had our stories to tell 😉 

Professional pop ballad. Beautiful song, extremely well produced and Monique’s voice is flawless. Excellent

If you win, how would you use your title to help others?

If I win the title, I think the best way for me to help others is to lead by example. I am a content creator and I can’t wait to inspire others with what I do as the winner, a single parent and as an artist. I plan to fund more art materials so I can maybe have another art exhibit, and invest on my original songs. I want to inspire others with my art and music. I plan to help members of my family in the province. I would also love to do community service, especially for the home for the aged.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned from being in pageants?

This is actually the first time I have done a pageant. If I’m being honest, I was not fully aware that there was a runway walk and question and answer. I really just had the intention of being fit and sexy just like the moms in the gym I go to, which is why I joined century tuna. The coolest thing I have learned is that I actually do have it in me to be a part of this competition. I didn’t know that I am capable of wearing a bikini while walking on high heels. For me that took a lot of guts and I have even more respect for ramp models and beauty queens who do this! It isn’t easy at all!

Social Media

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Moniqueslife88

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monique.delossantos.39/videos_by

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@moniquedelossantos

How do you deal with people who might say mean things?

This is difficult for me. All my life, I struggled always worrying about how people think of me. At 35, I recently heard some awful rumors about me that weren’t even true, and at first I thought that now that I am older, it shouldn’t bother me much. It still hurt my feelings. The best way I deal with it is I just try my best to simply be a better person. I can’t control what people say and I can’t please everyone. I try to focus on more important things. I work hard for my daughter, I go to the gym and focus on my music and art.

OPM pop with a great beat that highlights the artist’s vocal range. Studio magic

Tell us about a time something amazing happened during a pageant!

Oh, this one was cool. It was during the semi-finals in Market Market. I didn’t know that we were going to be on stage in front of a lot of people. I really thought after I got the call back that it will be behind closed doors haha. I went there not made up at all, so few hours before the show I had to walk all over the mall and ask if I can use a mirror and outlet to fix myself. I ended up fixing myself on the floor near quite the stage hahaha. Before it was my turn to go up, I found a bathroom with a big mirror and thought to myself, wow I look pretty great! This was going to be my first time ever wearing a bikini with heals while being judged on stage. Never did I ever think id be doing this in my life! I think the amazing thing that happened in the pageant was stepping on stage w my heels and bikini! It felt so empowering!

Another great OPM song with some country influence. Pure talent.

What kind of person do you think does well in pageants?

I think the kind of person that does well in pageants are the ones who stay true to themselves. For me it’s the confident ones who carry themselves well! It’s those who also answers questions from the heart. 🙂

Yet another sweet, “Song of the Day”, by Monique. She’s a true artist

Being in a pageant means a lot of people are watching. How do you stay yourself through it all?

I actually love it that a lot of people are watching! I grew up singing on stage, I’ve joined several competitions with many people watching. I do get nervous yes, but I mostly feel excited!

Mom and daughter

What do you dream of doing in the future?

I would like to join more runways that accept petite girls like me hehe. I want to continue pursuing my art and music. I would love to have more exhibits to display my original art works, perform more on stage as a singer, and release more of my original songs. I want to be a part of a label. In the future, I also want to teach kids how to sing and paint

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