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PG18 from Cebu

PG18 was founded in 1994 by Benji Cometa and has since survived numerous lineup changes. Up till a few years ago, Mark Vaño joined the roster, then acquired William and Johnus from “Freak”. Later Lloyd joined in from “Ribcage” and lastly, Dan Kujat followed during the summer of 2001.

The band has released two indie albums; “Don’t Try This at Home” (Mar 1997) and the newly issued “Now Showing” (Nov 2002). Since then the band has enjoyed regular airplay in Cebu’s radios, songs like “Jet Lee” and “So Infectious”.

One of early rock-rap Pro pounders in Cebu, the band cites influences like— Rage Against the Machine, Phunk Junkeez, Shootyz groove, Orange 9mm, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hed (pe), Beastie Boys and 311.

Pure rock rap pounder music border on goth heavy metal. Great guitars

PG18 is a fun, live band that will be eventually streaming live on PhilippineOne. Hopefully, several times. We will add their audio versions in a radio format soon.

My personal PG18 favorite. The guitar is spectacular in the first song and it has some excellent R&B hooks. Head banging magic

This is a one-minute band anthology

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