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Bio: Dayuhan Space Orchestra

Kakaibang banda, Tunog ng kalawakan. (Strange band. Sound of the galaxy.)

Dayuhan space orchestra is an instrumental group comprised of musicians from different bands and musical disciplines.

Rembrandt Vocalan-synths,vox,programming

Wally Contento-bass keyboard,backing vox

Diego Mapa-guitars and synth fx

Vez Protacio-Drums and Percussions

Guest artists

Migs Mendoza-mc505

Uaui Guerrero-drums

Music Genre: I am going to say EDM, (Electric Dance Music) or hardstyle, which is the heavy use of synthesizers and sound distortion. We can also use the term “Futuristic” as the music does resound with science fiction enthusiasts and outliers.

Dayuhan, now Dayuhan Space Orchestra (DSO), started as a solo project in 2004 then evolved as a band since 2006. Released an indie album in 2011.

Influences come from different band members. Rembrandts previous band – The Vince Noir Project -claimed their influences as David Bowie and Blondie. I can see that mix in DSO given Bowie’s “Space Odyssey” and Blondie’s electro dance pioneering. In their words, DSO musical influences are Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, LCD Soundsystem, The Smashing Pumpkins, the Beatles,ELP Emerson Lake and Palmer.

There are political influences, historical and present, and those influences show up in DSO videos. The following song as an example. In the background we can hear political speeches. I believe I saw images of former president Duterte. The music is a futuristic mix of drama and action leading to what seems like fighting and rioting. They are playing the electrical background music of Filipino lives.

Social Media

YouTube: (2) Dayuhan Space Orchestra – Topic – YouTube


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2Ke4uhcFHGnJQedFp4uQit

Another futuristic instrumental with defining beat and background “space rock”

Album released:

“Pinoy Space Adventure’ 2010-2011 available on Spotify and Amazon

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