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AngbandangRadyo (Radyo)

(Radyo is a very distinct sound and I am a new fan. The music is brilliant. Listen to the songs a few times and you will become a fan – RJD)

RADYO music has become a full spectrum of colors, flavors with different seasons, a sound that is nostalgic but originally theirs.

Genre: Progressive power pop rock / OPM

Location: Quezon City

Band was formed in 2102

Song Writer: Wylde fiasco

Radyo’s members;

Who are the members of the band and what instruments do each play?

Lead Vocals / Drummer: Wylde Frasco

Lead Guitar: Kervin Grey Bass

Archie Tinoy

When did you form your band?

The band was formed in 2012 by the original drummer Jeff Vauhlack, who was associated with the bass player Archie. Kevin was soon involved and he mentioned organizing a new band with Wylde. The two were part of another flailing band so the decision was not difficult. The rest is history.

Who writes the music?

Wylde Frasco writes and arranges all the songs for the band

The name RADYO’ came from the word RADIO which means RADYO’ for a more pinoy kind of word.

We are proud to be NEW MANILA SOUNDS!!

Ang HIMIG ng Pilipino ay hindi kailaman MAGMAMALIW..



Layman/ Wylde Fiasco

Great Facebook video for this song is here: Facebook

Booking/Contact Email:


This is a band with a very distinct sound and the production is high quality. The band is synched and the music reminds me a bit of early Rush. Keep rockin’ guys

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