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Star Athlete Mentoring Star Athletes: Coach Arvin Lobiranes

Coach Lobiranes is an athlete who won the standard chartered marathon in SG. He was also a champion in the Cebu City Marathon, and most impressively, the record holder in duathlon in all of the Philippines. Coach Lobiranes coaches swimming and athletics at University of San Carlos

How do you foster team chemistry and ensure that all players, despite their different backgrounds and skill levels, work together effectively on and off the court?

Fostering the chemistry of the team is very challenging with their levels and backgrounds. But with my determination to work on every athlete is very necessary. Scientific trainings and other related strategic planning for the field of athletics

Training and Development: What is your approach to individual player development during the season, and how do you balance improving individual skills with team-oriented practices?

Being open minded with every game strategy is very necessary most specially as an athletic coach with different events in each athlete. Each player has a different development in all aspects because each athlete is unique. Systematic approach and holistic approach towards the sports is used.

Game Strategy and Adaptation: Can you describe your process for developing game strategies and how you adjust those strategies in real-time during a game?

I am always putting myself in the shoes of each athlete. Saying ” just do your best” in every game is my last piece of advice. I am giving them program, techniques and final game plan. But, putting my full trust in them is one way that made me confident that they can handle pressure.

Handling Pressure and Motivation: How do you keep the team motivated and focused during tough times, such as losing streaks or high-pressure games?

Personal advices, like you will not be an athlete for life. All your efforts, energy, pain etc. use them as your stepping stone to become somebody in the future. Pushing them to their limits is my key for them to be successful

Long-term Vision and Goals: What are your long-term goals for the team, and how do you plan to achieve them over the next few seasons?

My long-term goal for the team is for them to join the highest competition / interschool competition and at the same time international level. And for them to finish their schooling and got the degree that they want to have.

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