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The Power of Herbs and Their Uses in Sorcery/Rituals

The exact origins of using herbs or the roots of trees and plants in rituals and sorcery are uncertain, but ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, and others have utilized them. Herbs are also mentioned in the Bible, such as frankincense and myrrh carried by the Three Wise Men in their visit to the Messiah. Practitioners of magic carry various herbs as talismans and amulets, believing they bring luck, attract love, and fulfill any desires.

Here are some common herbs that can be purchased from grocery stores and their inherent powers and origins.

Bay leaf—better known as laurel leaves. Simply place it in the four corners of your house to ward off negative energy and misfortune from your home.

Black mustard seed—commonly used in black magic as it can cause pain and discomfort to your enemies. Just sprinkle it in front of your door or front entrance.

Snake root—used if you want to remove someone’s love for you. Take a small piece of black cloth and place in it some strands of hair or nail clippings from the person you want to distance yourself from, along with snake root. Bury it in the ground. The person you want to avoid will stay away from you.

Alfalfa—place it at your front door to invite luck into your home.

Basil—put a few fresh or dried leaves in a bowl of water and sprinkle it in your store or place of business to attract luck and draw in customers.

Chamomile—brew this and use it to wash your hands before gambling to influence your luck.

Rosemary—place a few pieces under your pillow to bring good fortune.

Coriander—put it in a small pouch to ward off various illnesses such as headaches, fever, flu, and more.

Thyme—burn this inside your home to keep the residents from falling ill.

Anise Seed—when mixed with burning incense, its smoke can drive away negative elements in the vicinity.

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