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Luck and the Days of the Week: Friday

The name “Friday” originates from Frigg, the wife of Odin, coincidentally sharing Wednesday’s namesake. Frigg was the Norse goddess associated with love, marriage, fertility, and motherhood. In Latin, Friday derives from “dies Veneris,” meaning the “day of Venus,” the planet linked to Friday. In French, it is known as “Vendredi.”

Friday is governed by Venus. The poetic expression “Friday’s child is loving and giving” resonates with individuals born on this day. If your birth chart shows a dominant Venus planet, you are naturally drawn to beauty and charm, embodying these qualities yourself. This planet influences matters of love, desires, lust, art, and pleasure. When discussing luck in relation to Venus, it primarily pertains to luck in love, whereas performing money rituals on a Friday is not recommended.

Astrologically, Venus represents sensuality, femininity, empathy, romance, and simplicity. This planet governs the artistic realm, encompassing everything related to femininity, luxury, and the expression of emotions. While days like Tuesday and Thursday may appear more masculine-dominated, Friday, for the most part, celebrates feminine attributes. Venus also influences how individuals relate to others, particularly from a romantic standpoint, and how they express emotions and feelings, even reflecting disinterest or repulsion.

Venus rules over two zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. Taurus qualities: Intelligence, ambition, trustworthiness. Libra qualities: Personability, empathy, craving attention.

Interestingly, Libras dislike being single and constantly seek romantic partnerships, aligning well with Venus as their ruler. As for Taurus, the planet Venus is synonymous with emotional expression, and Taurians excel at being attentive listeners. Although Taurus does not share an element with Friday, Libra does, suggesting that additional luck may lean towards Libran traits.

Friday is the day of Venus, the planet of love and creativity. It is a day to connect with others, unwind, and enjoy intimate connections. The romantic energy of Venus sets a social mood on Friday, prompting thoughts about loved ones. It is an ideal day for a date night or to engage in activities that nurture close relationships. The energy of Friday also sparks creativity, providing fresh inspiration for ongoing projects. It is a suitable time to wrap up loose ends and set aside new ideas for another occasion. Additionally, Friday offers an opportunity for self-indulgence, pampering, and updating one’s beauty routine. To harness the energy of Friday effectively, schedule quality time with loved ones and refrain from strenuous activities, as the day is meant for relaxation and enjoyment.

Friday’s element is Air, associated with intellect, communication, and logic in astrology. The air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are known for their analytical, creative, and objective thinking, thriving on information and social interaction. While not a complete contradiction, as Venus is involved in various forms of social interaction and creativity, focusing on these traits, along with Libra characteristics, can enhance luck on Fridays.

The colors of the day are very light blue or white. There is some debate regarding light blue, given that Friday is ruled by Venus, which is often associated with bright white and pink colors. Individuals working in art-related fields are advised to wear white or light shades of pink.

Friday Spells and Rituals

This is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving love, romance, marriage, sexual matters, physical beauty, partnerships, friendships, social activities, strangers, pleasure, music, incense, perfumes, nature, and arts and crafts. As expected, if there is someone you like, someone you want to send loving energy your way, and you desperately want love in your life, Friday is the perfect day to do it.

Sometimes it happens that you meet a person of the opposite sex who has all the qualities you have always wanted in a partner. It can be a friend, a colleague, or an acquaintance who can feel the same things for you. Try this Rose Attraction Spell


A rosebud: if you can’t find roses, any other type of flower is fine.

Two pieces of paper

A pink candle; engrave your name and that of the desired person in it.

How to perform it:

Next to the candle, place two pieces of paper, one with your name and the other with that of your future lover, light the candle, and say:

“You and I will be one, my love. Venus, goddess of love, listens to my request. Let me triumph and let the fire of passion burn. My heart is waiting to be loved by you (name of the person you love) and with all my heart I thank Venus, the goddess of love.”

Repeat the spell more than three times; after the first two repetitions, visualize your future partner running towards you. On the third time, imagine him hugging you and telling you “I will love you forever.”

Let the candle burn out completely, keep the rose and the pieces of paper with the names with you; take the sheet with your name on it and wrap it around the other. Create a small ball and insert them inside the flower by closing the petals. Make a hole in the ground and bury it all, saying:

“From now on we will be united together by a very deep love.”

Don’t use this spell to attract someone who is already in a relationship as it won’t work. This is not a breakup spell, but an attraction spell that aims to attract a single man or woman.

Friday’s Gems and Stones

Vedic astrology chooses the Diamond as the assigned gemstone for Friday. Diamonds are known to symbolize love, beauty and elegance. Western astrologers, on the contrary, suggest other pink and green gems like Rose Quartz, Emerald and Coral.

So, there you have it for Friday. If you wish to increase your luck for love, recite the spell above. For other spells related to Friday, check out our spells at the back of this book. Wear bright white and pink, depending on the occasion and pick a category attributable to Venus.

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