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14 Herbs That Will Bring You Luck, Abundance, and Wealth

Disclaimer: The information presented here is solely based on research. If you are unwell, it is crucial to seek assistance from a qualified medical professional. Refrain from self-treatment based on the content provided on this platform. Never consume anything unless you are absolutely certain of its safety. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before consuming any herbs or substances that you are uncertain about regarding their suitability for your particular condition.

Herbs are not just cooking spices. They have magical properties that can be used in magic rituals for attracting luck and abundance in life, good health, and as a protection against witchcraft and black magic.

In the spiritual world, some herbs have magical value and are part of the “green witch practice”.  A Green Witch is a witch whose practice focuses on nature, using natural materials and energies. Green Witches are often skilled herbalists and attuned to the cycles of nature.  Many are skilled astrologists.

Here are sixteen herbs to enhance your luck and life:

1. Allspice: It is also known as Jamaica Pepper. It got its name due to its flavor combinations of clove, cinnamon, and pepper. Allspice is used in magic rituals that involve attracting money and luck. It is also an ingredient in love potions and charms.  When you burn allspice incense during meditation it helps with inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. It also works on higher planes for good or evil.

2. Basil: This popular herb is considered an all-purpose magical herb. It is used in rituals and spells for prosperity, success, peace, protection, happiness, purification, tranquility, and love.  Basil is a powerful herb that can be used to cleanse the aura and promote psychic awareness. When used in spiritual activities, basil can help to clear away negative energy.  Basil is a powerful herb that has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. The strong, pungent aroma of basil is said to be repulsive to evil entities, and the plant is often used in exorcisms and protection rituals.

To make a lucky coin charm, place three fresh basil leaves in a bowl along with a coin. Spread it under the light of the full moon. Keep the coin with you for the next twenty-four hours. This is your lucky coin charm for gambling luck.

3. Bay (Laurel) Leaf: The laurel leaf is associated with success, wisdom, and divination. For centuries, Bay Laurel, also known as Bay leaves, has been used in green witchcraft. Bay leaves have a variety of uses and magical properties that can help you with protection and psychic power enhancement.

To receive the best results for attracting luck using bay leaves, use leaves that you have grown in your home or backyard. Feng Shui tells us that strategically placing a bay laurel plant in your home can provide spiritual benefits as well as boost your luck.

First, if you already happen to have salt or crystals placed around your home for fine-tuning your home’s energetic frequency, a bay laurel plant can make these tools even stronger. Bay laurel, when grown at home can strengthen the energy of any room and helps to balance emotions.

As if the above wasn’t enough, bay leaves can help to heighten your extrasensory abilities, to receive psychic messages, communicate with your spiritual team, and connect to the Universe. You can sleep with a bay leaf under your pillow to receive psychic messages in your dreams.

There are dozens of rituals using a simple laurel leaf.  Try this one:

Write your wish on the leaf and then burn it to make it come true. If you have a problem that you cannot find a solution to, put a few pieces of dry laurel leaves under your pillow so that you can have a divine dream. Write your yes and no question on a dry laurel leaf and then burn it with a white candle. When the fire of the burning laurel becomes fiery and it crackles, the answer is “yes”. If the fire dies and does not crackle, the answer is “no”.

4. Chamomile: Also known as manzanilla. It is an herbal remedy for stomach problems, headaches, and nerves tension due to its soothing effect. In magic, it is used for magic spells and rituals related to prosperity, peace, healing, harmony, and happiness.  When used regularly, chamomile can help open your intuition and improve your psychic abilities. This ancient herb is steeped in symbolism and can help you find peace and balance in your hectic world.

Chamomile is often used as an ingredient in love spells and potions. It is believed to attract positive energy and luck in matters of the heart. Chamomile is also used in protection spells and rituals. Its calming energy is thought to help shield against negative forces.  Also, when used in magic or rituals, Chamomile can help in purification, protection, and wish-granting. It is often used in healing spells and rituals, and is added to cleansing baths or burned as incense to cleanse and purify space

5. Calendula: Also known as Pot Marigold or simply Mary Gold, this herb is used as a medicine for various skin irritations such as eczema and itching. It has a reputation in magic as a magic booster or enhancer.

Calendula is the traditional “he loves me, he loves me not” flower making it useful for love potions and symbolizes love and reliability in a relationship. It is said to strengthen and comfort the heart when picked at noon.

Hang marigold over your door to keep negativity and evil from entering. When the petals are scattered under the bed or placed inside a pillow, they encourage prophetic dreams and offer protection while sleeping.

Calendula is also considered a lucky herb. Sleep with a green bag filled with calendula to promote luck. It is said that one will have a lucky dream followed by good fortune when playing games of chance.

Warning:   Calendula may cause allergic reactions. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid taking calendula or consult a trained physician.

6. Cinnamon: Aside from being delicious, when it comes to magic and rituals, cinnamon is extremely popular, and some consider it as the most important of all herbs in magic. It possesses a great amount of energy, which with a little pinch of its powder can increase the power and effect of magic.  It is also a magical herb for success, action, healing, protection, energy, love, prosperity, and purification.

In more recent times, cinnamon has been used in many diverse cultures for its ability to ward off evil spirits. In some parts of Africa, cinnamon is burned to protect against evil magic. In Mexico, it is used in Day of the Dead celebrations to keep away negative energy. And in India, cinnamon is often used in Hindu ceremonies and Ayurvedic medicine.  It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity and is often used in spells and rituals to attract those things. Cinnamon is also thought to promote success, so it is often added to magical mixtures that are designed to help achieve goals. Whether you are looking to attract more wealth, success, or simply good luck, adding cinnamon to your spell work can help you achieve your goals.  Try the following ritual to attract abundance. 

Cinnamon Ritual for Abundance

The ingredients are as follows:

One cinnamon stick

One tablespoon of honey

One tablespoon of olive oil

A small bowl or dish

A lighter or matches

To begin, light the cinnamon stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Then, blow out the flame and place the cinnamon stick in the bowl or dish. Add the honey and olive oil and stir well. Visualize your desired outcome as you stir.

Finally, say the following aloud: “I am grateful for my abundance. I now release all fears and doubts about money. I trust that abundance is flowing into my life now.”

Repeat this affirmation three times. Allow the cinnamon stick to cool and then dispose of it in the trash. Wash the bowl or dish you used. Carry on with your day, knowing that abundance is on its way to you!

Check out the other rituals we have for this spice in the chapter, Cinnamon Spells and Rituals.

7. Caraway: The seed of the caraway plant is good for protection against negative entities and energies around. It also serves as an antidote to thieves and bad intentions. You can plant a caraway plant in front of the house or on the grill of the front door to filter all the negative vibes that enter your home. Caraway protects against a multitude of evil spirits, entities, and negativity. They are also used to encourage fidelity and are placed in sachets and talismans to attract a mate. 

One of the more popular beliefs concerning caraway Seeds is that anything that contains a caraway can’t be stolen, so put a pinch of it in a wallet, purse, or car to deter thieves.

As always, romantics want to know if there is a love connection, and the answer is yes. Caraway is used as a love herb. Chewing the seeds before kissing someone is believed to entice them to fall in love with you. Can be used for spells and rituals to ensure a person’s loyalty or even used in foods to ensure the fidelity of a couple. When used in food it is said that Caraway Seed can increase lust in those who ingest it.

8. Clove: To begin, in magic, clove is used as protection, energy clearing, healing, and mental enhancement.  When used in proper spells, clove can induce courage and optimism, even in those who usually cower.  Add cloves to love potions or simply add them to a meal to awaken the lust inside your partner or strengthen your love.  Do this for protection:

Place a saucer of dried clover plant sprouts in the center of the house to filter out all negative energy and vibes. As a protection charm, combine rosemary, angelica, sage, three buds of the clove plant, and a pinch of salt inside a red pouch or cloth tied with red thread or ribbon. Hang the pouch on the front door to repel bad luck and evil elements from entering your home.

9. Ginger: This herb holds a key role in rituals because it acts as a booster. Like the energy or power of cinnamon, a small slice of ginger is enough to attract good luck at work. Ginger is also used to attract love, wealth, and abundance.  On top of that, it is used as a catalyst, such as cinnamon, making situations happen. It helps to attract prosperity and solving poverty. Keep a ginger root (or, better yet, have it planted) to always attract money to your home.  Finally, ginger, when chewed, eaten, or mixed with tea or a smoothie, can increase a person’s energy and magical powers.  Try the following Ginger Love Spell to enhance a relationship


Three Ginger Roots

Ten red rose petals

Dried lavender flowers

A red cloth bag

A cup for tea

A clay bowl

A personal (small) object of the person you wish to bond with


Prepare a cup of tea with hot water and previously grated ginger.  Slowly taste each sip and concentrate all your thoughts, feelings on your desire.

Drinking the ginger will activate your mental concentration and activate the positive energy circulation within your body. I suggest that you do it every morning when you get up, so you will start the day, sending all your vibrations to the loved one.

Cut the rest of the ginger root into small pieces, mix it with dried lavender in the clay bowl, and leave it for two days drying in the open air where the rays can reach it.  You need to do that because the ginger is a fire element, and we need to re-charge it with that energy while it dries. During those three days, you will stir the lavender and ginger mixture so that all the moisture comes out and it dries completely.

After those three days, you will put the mixture in a mortar and proceed to crush it until it becomes a powder.  You will keep that ginger powder, one part in a glass jar with a lid, and the other part you will empty next to your beloved’s object.

Inside the red bag, you will have it stored where you can always take it with you. That’s why you need to tie it.

The ginger powder in the jar can be used to spice up your partner’s meals and make tea daily.

Every time you are adding this dried ginger in his/her meals, visualize every desire you have for that person and imagine it coming true.

10. Mint: Boiled mint leaves can treat headaches, help to make food easier, and improve digestion. In magic, it can be used as a money charm.  Mint is used in many spells and ritual.:  Mint has healing properties.  In nay magic, it is used to protect and attract love; ward off negativity; increase communication; increase energy and memory and finally to boost your sex drive. 

This simple Mint Luck Spell harnesses the magical properties of mint to call prosperity and abundance to you. Cast this spell as often as you need it!


A green candle

Mint oil

Dried Mint (you can leave this out if you don’t have it, or vice versa with the oil.

Cinnamon (use either oil or dried cinnamon, this boosts the power of your spell. You can leave it out if you want)

Fire-proof surface or bowl


Anoint your candle with the mint oil

Mix your dried mint with your cinnamon powder. If you’re using cinnamon oil, anoint the candle with it during step 1.

Roll your anointed candle in the dried herb mix

Place your candle into your fire-proof bowl. I like to melt a little wax on the bottom of the candle and stick it to the bottom of the bowl to make sure that it doesn’t fall over.

Light your candle

Close your eyes and focus on your intention. Imagine that prosperity and abundance are flowing to you like a golden river. Feel as if you have already received the abundance that you seek. Remember that the more specific your intent, the more likely it is to manifest.

Once you have set your intention as strongly as you can, say” Mint let me harness your energy, you flourish with abandon so lend this power to me. Prosperity come to me. So Mote it Be.”

Repeat this chant three times

Allow the candle to safely burn down to nothing

Repeat as often as needed

To attract some of the magical properties of mint, carry a dried leaf in your purse or pocket.

11. Parsley:  The magical properties of parsley include protection, purification, lust, and love.  It’s often used to communicate with the spirits of the dead, though some old recipes include it as a spirit repellent.

Parsley as protection started in ancient Rome, where people would place it on their plates to protect their food from contamination.  Interestingly, this herb is also associated with fertility. Parsley was said to grow best when sown and cultivated by a pregnant woman.

If you want to provoke lust in a relationship, chew some parsley leaves together. If you want this relationship to last, don’t cut the parsley stems. Wear an amulet close to your skin with dried parsley in it to attract love and fertility into your life.

Parsley is an amazing herb with a variety of magical uses. Here is a list of easy spells and household uses you can try with this powerful plant:

Wrap up a bundle of fresh parsley with red ribbon for a powerful charm that will bring both luck and love into your home.

Create an infusion of parsley and rose petals to bring love, peace, and protection into your home.

If you’re feeling sluggish or unmotivated, drink a cup of parsley tea for an invigorating boost of energy.

Carry a small bundle of parsley with you as a talisman for good luck.

Soak dried parsley in a bowl of water overnight and sprinkle around your home the next morning to remove negative energy.

Chew parsley leaves with your partner to revive passion in your relationship. Chew the entire leaf and do cut the parsley as it may symbolically cut your love.

12. Sage: Sage is a sacred magical herb used for protection, purification, wisdom, health, and long life.  The herb is used to promote wisdom and bring in good luck. It builds emotional strength and may help to heal grief. Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is used for clarity, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and to induce trance or visionary states.  Magically, Sage is associated with protection and the granting of wishes. 

Spells and Formulas with Sage

Write a wish on Sage leaf and burn it to release your intention. Alternatively, place the leaf under your pillow at night to dream of how your goal will be achieved.

If you wish to attract money, carry a dried sage leaf with you.

Burn Sage incense when seeking guidance with a difficult decision.

Add Sage oil, incense, or herbs to any spell to temper the results with wisdom.

13. Verbena: This is an all-purpose herb. In medicine, boiled verbena is a medicine for headache, relieves stress, and calms the nerves and muscles. In magic, verbena is for divination, protection, inspiration, abundance, love, peace, tranquility, healing, and prosperity.  It’s also considered an antidote to witchcraft. You can make your own verbena oil by soaking crushed verbena leaves in olive oil or grape seed oil. This will be a blessing/protection oil. To ward off negative energy and invite positive vibes into your home, grind some verbena leaves and then throw them in every corner of the house. Verbena leaves are also mixed or added to charm bags or magical pouches to boost any spell or ritual.

In the past, the vervain (Verbena Officinalis) was considered highly effective in love and sexual relationships and said to conquer the heart of the desired person just by touching him or her after rubbing your hands with the juice of this plant.  The Romans even called it “Herba Veneris” and believed it could rekindle even the most dormant passions.  The banquet halls of the emperor Nero had ivory inlaid ceilings, the panels of which flowed to drop a rain of vervain and other perfumes, to increase the guests’ sensual and sexual satisfaction.

Here’s how to increase passion:

Take a vervain plant, shred it, rub the juice on your left hand, and mark a cross on your forehead.  Do the same with your partner and recite the following:

“Catos, let your desire be agreed with mine, like that of St. Joseph with Mary, in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit so be it”.

That’s it.  Try it and be prepared for a wonderful evening

14. Moss: Moss is considered a survival plant. This characteristic of moss is why the herb is associated with magic that has to do with perseverance, patience, nurturing, and grounding.  In the Native

American culture, moss is seen as a plant that can bring about new beginnings and can cleanse and purify the soul. The herb is also a symbol of fertility, growth, and abundance.

Not too different from the Native American culture, the Celtic culture associated moss with new beginnings because it was the first plant to grow after fire or any natural disaster.  They too agreed that the plant represented fertility and abundance (so much can grow in one area if left to nature and it is the first to grow)

 Spanish moss, also called Old Man’s Beard and Pele’s Hair, has many magical uses and properties. In Hoodoo, Spanish moss is used in love and revenge workings. Most often it’s stuffed in doll babies (poppets) with other herbs and ingredients to either draw love or exact revenge. It’s also put in bottles of War water (a nasty potion used to take down one’s enemy). Therefore, Spanish moss magic properties include love, healing, and revenge/justice in the Hoodoo tradition.

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