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Professional Model: Carolene Mae Ocharon

Title: Riflettore Model

To me, beauty is more than just outward appearance; it’s about the qualities that reside within. True beauty comes from a kind heart, a generous spirit, and an authentic soul. When these inner qualities are present, they naturally radiate outward, creating a light that makes a person truly shine. This inner glow enhances outer beauty, making it more profound and impactful. It’s the warmth of one’s smile, the kindness in their eyes, and the sincerity of their actions that define real beauty and leave a lasting impression on others.

I focus not just on appearance, but on cultivating qualities such as kindness, empathy, and integrity. I strive to be a positive influence, using my platform to inspire and uplift others. My dedication to personal growth and helping my community drives me to make a meaningful impact. I am thirsty for continuous learning, always seeking new knowledge and experiences to grow and improve. I believe that true beauty shines through when we are authentic, compassionate, and committed to making a difference in the world.

I will use my title to be the voice and representation of my community. I aim to inspire and empower others by showing that with determination and heart, we can all achieve great things. I want people to relate to me and see that they, too, can set their minds to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful impact. My goal is to be a positive role model, encouraging everyone to recognize their potential and strive for excellence in all they do.

Working in the industry has honed my time management skills, allowing me to effectively balance multiple projects and responsibilities within the academic sphere. This experience has taught me the importance of prioritizing tasks, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a high level of efficiency and organization.

When stepping into the world of modeling and pageantry, I understand that becoming a public figure opens me up to potential negativity. However, I choose to focus on the team and supporters who stand by me. They are the ones who believe in me, even during times when I struggled to believe in myself. Their encouragement and faith give me the strength to stay positive and resilient. By concentrating on their support and the constructive feedback they provide, I can maintain my confidence and continue striving toward my goals. Ultimately, their unwavering belief in me helps me rise above negativity and stay true to my path.

Anyone who excels in pageantry is someone who has a heart for the people and a deep commitment to their rooted advocacy. A true representative in this arena is not just about beauty or talent, but about genuine compassion and dedication to making a positive impact. They use their platform to champion causes they believe in, inspiring and empowering others to join in their mission for change.

Alpacino Libres is the make up artist and the owner of Alpa collection and CEO of Riflettore

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