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Pageant King: Shane Mark Alao Jabillo

Shane will be representing the Philippines at the Mister PanContinental International 2024 this Coming October in Vietnam.

What inspired you to participate in a male beauty pageant, and what do you hope to achieve or represent through this experience?

I have always been passionate about joining male pageant, because joining pageant was always been my mantra. I also have a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world and use my platform to raise awareness for important causes, such as my advocacy which is Environmental Awareness & Preservation & Promoting Tourism, Culture, Arts & Traditions.

As for me male pageants provide a unique opportunity to combine my interests and use my voice for good. I am also drawn to the camaraderie and brotherhood among contestants, and the personal growth and confidence building that comes with competing in a pageant. Ultimately, I saw it as a way to challenge myself, push my boundaries, and become the best version of myself.

Can you share some insights into the preparation process for a male beauty pageant, including the challenges you’ve faced and the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Preparation is a multistep process. Prioritize understanding the pageant rules, improving your walking posture, planning your wardrobe, and grooming. And challenges is just a normal ingredients of success. It is not easy to compete in a pageant, you will lose senses and it might get hard sometimes or things might not go your way, but it teaches you to keep going and work through problems.

In your opinion, what qualities or attributes are essential for a successful male pageant contestant, and how do you embody these traits?

A male pageant contestant should be a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. He must possess critical mind, caring hearts and serving hands towards every aspect of the society. However, a true pageant king transcends physical appearance and lies within the character. A pageant king should display intelligence, charisma, and excellent communication skills and I could straightforwardly say that I embody that traits because I consider myself as a man of substance, and man of purpose with pride and dignity.

How do you plan to use your platform as a male pageant contestant to advocate for causes or make a positive impact in your community?

As we all know that pageant platform is an integral part of becoming a contestant and a reigning king once you win the title that you are after. Becoming a contestant or a titleholder for a pageant gives you a stage to stand on to bring a certain cause or issue to light. Participating in pageantry is about more than just a crown and sash, your voice and your actions can influence so many more people than you realize and having a sparkly hat and sash can help to amplify anything that you want to bring to light.

What are you most looking forward to during the pageant experience, and what do you anticipate will be the most memorable aspect for you?

Will you know what, I been in the pageant industry for almost a decade now, and throughout my pageant journey what I’m looking forward is an opportunity that could discover my strength and perfect them, realize my weaknesses and transform them into strength. And i think the memorable aspect for me in joining a pageant is having that resiliency and coping strategies because the competitive nature of pageants, coupled with the public scrutiny that can come with participation, often teaches valuable lessons in resilience.

And it truly isn’t all about the competition and winning the crown, it’s about being yourself, making the most of the experience, and creating friendships and memories that you’ll remember forever. No matter how it all ends up, you should be so proud of yourself for putting everything you had out on the stage and giving it all you have to represent yourself.

How do you envision the role of male beauty pageants evolving in the future, and what changes would you like to see within the industry?

I envision the role of male beauty pageant by redefining traditional masculinity by celebrating all physicality’s of the male nature. In doing this, the notion of toxic masculinity is unraveled and destroyed. And if we continue this kind of platform, it could be a great help in the future because male pageant is a platform for showcasing empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership. People who take part in pageants have utilized the platform to empower others like them while many others have also used pageants as a way to advance in their careers, despite the diverse professions they chose. And that’s what I like to see within the industry.

Projects and Awards

Advocate of Environmental Awareness & Preservation.

-Owner of Shane & Kent Atelier

-Freelance Model

-Pageant Enthusiast

👑 Sinulog Festival King 2017 at Macrohon Maasin City

👑 Ginoong Gensan Tourism Ambassador 2018

👑 Mr. STI Ormoc 2018

👑 Mr. STI Regional 1st Runner Up 2018

👑 Mr. BPO Cebu 2019

👑 Ginoong Susco 2022

👑 Mr.Saint Jude 2022

👑 Mr. Green Village 2023

👑 Ginoong South Guinabasan 2023

👑 Ginoong Soccouro 2023

👑 Reigning Mr. Siquijor Tourism Festival King 2023

🏆 Representative of Province of Siquijor for the Inaugural Male National Pageant Rajah Pilipino 2024 last January 20,2024 in Antipolo City Philippines and Bagged the Title of Rajah Pilipino Visayas 2024 & Rajah Pilipino Charity 2024 (This allows me to support my Chosen Charity which is SNED Special Need Education all over the province of Siquijor. These are the Children that require special education)

👑 Representative of Philippines in International Pageant. Mister PanContinental International 2024 this Coming October in Vietnam.

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