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From Hard Court to Pageant Stage: RALPH JUDE DINOLAN – Mister International Philippines Cebu 2024

Can you share some insights into the preparation process for a male beauty pageant, including the challenges you’ve faced and the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

As of now, things have changed. Instead of a hardcourt, now I’m on a platform or stage. Instead of hitting the gym, I’m with my manager doing pasarela, practicing Q&A, and wondering what poses to take in the spotlight. At this very moment, I’m in a new environment, facing different people, setting up new things for pageantry. But that is what makes it feel so special—to explore! Set the bar high to achieve my goal: to be Mr. International Philippines 2024.

In your opinion, what qualities or attributes are essential for a successful male pageant contestant, and how do you embody these traits?

It’s all about consistency and discipline, going back to my advocacy for youth empowerment and sports development to instill true sportsmanship and leadership in them, just like setting the bars high to achieve my goals. Many years ago, when I was still in high school, I really wanted to become a student athlete to help my family and myself achieve my goals. I did it. In my college days, the tuition was a bit high, so I really ventured to sustain my academics. That’s why I became a student athletics scholar, became the captain of the team, achieved some awards, and luckily graduated. I wanted to become a professional basketball player, and I still did it. That is why, right now, I’m really hoping in my new venture, pageantry, that I can still make it and inspire people. That’s why I embody those traits: to be disciplined enough to reach your destination and be consistent in your journey.

How do you plan to use your platform as a male pageant contestant to advocate for causes or make a positive impact on your community?

As an athlete, I will relate this to my advocacy for “youth empowerment and sports development” to inspire and empower the youth. Being an athlete in all aspects helps you develop leadership capacity to become good leaders in the future. It also builds good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and self-discipline towards their career. Lastly, not just having a healthy body and mind, but with great values as well.

What are you most looking forward to during the pageant experience, and what do you anticipate will be the most memorable aspect for you?

To win Mr. International Philippines!

How do you envision the role of male beauty pageants evolving in the future, and what changes would you like to see within the industry?

Male beauty pageants are not all about masculinity anymore. It is a platform for showcasing advocacy, empowerment, diversity, intelligence, and so much more. I think there’s nothing to change, since every year it’s evolving with new faces and talents, especially new sets of distinctively handsome individuals arriving!

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