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Fasion Designer/Model/Pageant King Gian Henderson

Gian Henderson is a successful Beauty King and Designer in NCR, Philippines. Read more about this hardworking inspiration for male models and pageant enthusiasts

What inspired you to participate in a male beauty pageant, and what do you hope to achieve or represent through this experience?

It was actually accidental and unplanned starting off in the modelling industry. When I got discovered in pageantry, at first I was only excited about the modelling side and how to strut myself onstage. But later on I realized the purpose of advocacy and what it truly means to become a beauty king with a purpose that gave a whole new meaning for my career.

Can you share some insights into the preparation process for a male beauty pageant, including the challenges you’ve faced and the lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Well, as an ectomorph…meaning a body type who has a hard time gaining weight… preparation is truly a process because I have to work extra hard to become presentable onstage. Learning your own style and the right makeup for your look becomes very essential. Sometimes it the cookie cutter standard of having a buff body, a beautiful face, and a perfect teeth may seem too much standard for the regular aspirants, but sometimes you have to adopt and do what you have to do and ready to pounce and strike when changes comes. That’s how I became strong.

In your opinion, what qualities or attributes are essential for a successful male pageant contestant, and how do you embody these traits?

Qualities nowadays are very subjective specially as we begin to adopt different looks and body type. But as for me knowing and familiarizing the industry, the physical aspect becomes the door to acceptance. Having the discipline to keep yourself fresh and presentable. Secondly, confidence and purpose. It is an edge beyond the dream because it fuels your competitiveness to win knowing that you possess not only the beauty, but the balance between purpose and value.

How do you plan to use your platform as a male pageant contestant to advocate for causes or make a positive impact in your community?

A platform is as important as your voice. It is how you want to present yourself on the table after a crown. As a male pageant goer, i want to teach the new generation to have a plan and elevation in life. A career that you can be proud of. As I become a fashion designer, I would like to break barriers and end stereotypes in the so called “male facade”. I want organizers and specially the industry to accept every color, every gender, and every individual who has the potential to become someone they aspire to be. To be become successful in their own way. And when that day comes, every voice shall have a platform and everyone can have a chance.

What are you most looking forward to during the pageant experience, and what do you anticipate will be the most memorable aspect for you?

The growth of being mature enough to know that the real battle of life is not what is happening onstage. To accept defeat and move on and become stronger. To create bonds that will last forever and make us a better person and to learn the real meaning or camaraderie and sportsmanship.

As a pageant gown designer, what inspired you to pursue this occupation, and what do you find most fulfilling about creating gowns for pageant contestants?

Again, I believe this wonderful career was given to me by God at the perfect time. It opened a lot of opportunities and goals that has been fulfilled because of this work. I did not plan for it nor have i dared to dream about it. It was deeply rooted in my pageant days discovering my inner potentials as a designer and years later have helped other pageant kings and queens through their journey and together have become successful. That is my fulfillment that inspired me to learn and grow more.

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