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Beauty Queen: Sarmae Jumamil Solon

At what age did you join the pageant? Is this your first time participating in a beauty pageant?

Sarmae: I joined my first Hot Mama pageant at the age of 28, but it’s not my debut. I’ve been participating in pageants since I was a child in my hometown.

What motivated you to become a beauty pageant contestant?

Sarmae: Since childhood, I’ve dreamt of becoming a beauty queen. When I became a mother, that aspiration was reignited. I wanted to convey a message to other mothers that it’s never too late to pursue new dreams. I aim to inspire mothers lacking confidence and be a role model for strength, bravery, and compassion.

Was being in a beauty pageant a childhood dream?

Sarmae: I had many dreams as a child, including wanting to be a celebrity. But I’ve learned that not all dreams come true immediately; there’s a right time for everything.

How did you feel when you became a contestant in one of Cebu City’s biggest beauty pageants?

Sarmae: I felt a mix of happiness and nervousness. Mrs. Cebu Philippines isn’t just any pageant; it’s one of the most prestigious ones I’ve joined. It’s a platform to showcase my talents and advocate for women’s empowerment.

Did you receive coaching on how to act as a beauty queen?

Sarmae: I didn’t have a formal mentor or runway coach. I relied on self-learning, occasionally seeking advice from my husband, especially for Q&A sessions. I watched YouTube for runway techniques and studied pageants on TV to learn the ropes.

Did your family and friends support your decision to join the beauty pageant?

Sarmae: Absolutely! I’m grateful for the unwavering support of my family, friends, and especially my husband, who played multiple roles in my journey. Joining pageants also expanded my social media following, as people appreciated my performances.

How much preparation did it take for the pageant?

Sarmae: The journey began in June 2023, with the coronation in November 2023, requiring five months of preparation. Finding sponsors for the pageant was challenging, but with my family’s support and help from a few individuals, I made it through.

Is this your first time joining a Hot Mamas beauty pageant?

Sarmae: No, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been drawn to pageants not just for personal fulfillment but also to support my family financially and empower fellow mothers.

Who inspired you during the pageant?

Sarmae: My greatest inspiration is my mother, who instilled in me resilience and compassion. She taught me the importance of self-love and making a positive impact on others’ lives.

How did you feel while walking on stage?

Sarmae: I always exude confidence and passion on stage. I want to show others my talents and purpose in life, inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness.

Did you ever think you could win the pageant?

Sarmae: Winning isn’t solely about popularity; it’s about authenticity and making a difference. Whether I win or not, I know I’ve given my all and left a lasting impression.

Did you enjoy being on stage?

Sarmae: Absolutely! Every moment on stage is cherished. It’s an opportunity to share my talents and advocate for causes close to my heart.

13.) Was being a pageant Queen a childhood dream?

Sarmae: Yes, being a beauty queen was a childhood dream. I started joining pageants as a way to express myself and inspire others, regardless of financial constraints.

How did your career progress after the pageant?

Sarmae: The pageant boosted my visibility, leading to opportunities in makeup artistry and gown rentals. It opened doors for me to learn more about pageantry and forge new friendships.

15.) Would you consider joining another pageant in the future?

Sarmae: Absolutely! If given the chance and support, I’m open to participating in future pageants. Opportunities should be seized, and I’m ready for the challenge!

Mrs. Cebu Philippines 2024


Cebu Waterfront Hotel

Amor Dental

Albertos Pizza

Dexter Alazas Filipino Homes

Kenneth Malayka for my gown

Sarmae also owns two businesses:

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