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Transmother Beauty Queen: Roxam Trogon

Roxam is a transgender beauty queen winner. She won Miss international Queen Visayas beauty pageant

Can you tell us about your journey as a transwoman and how it has impacted your experience as a mother?

Being a trans woman is like you have to go through a hole of a needle. It’s never been easy knowing that not all in the society accepted us but it has never been an issue to be a mother. Gender would never been an issue as long as you have the heart and can give a genuine love to a child.

How did your family and community react to your decision to transition, and how did you navigate those challenges?

My family has always been very supportive in my transition. In fact, my mother was the one who took care of me when I did the SRS. acceptance has always been a challenge to a transwoman like me but with the decision I made to fully change what’s behind my legs with the support of my family, that’s all that matters to me

What has been your experience as a married, same-sex couple raising children in the Philippines?

It always boils down to acceptance. I can say that both my partner and I provide a genuine love to our children. Giving them the life that they deserve. It’s fulfilling for me as I couldn’t imagine that a transwoman like me could have a family I can call my own

How have you navigated any challenges or discrimination that you may have faced as a transwoman mother, and what advice would you offer to others in similar situations?

Discrimination is inevitable to a trans woman like me who has not yet been totally accepted in the society. There’s always a question if I am capable to provide a loving home to a child. Being a mother does not have any limit by your gender preference so long as you have the genuine heart to provide a child a loving home

How have your children responded to your transition and your role as their mother, and how have you supported them through any challenges they may have faced?

As early as their age, they still do not understand how the society works most specially letting them know that their mother is a trans woman but telling them the truth at the right age and time would let them understand and accept the reality at the same time instilling to their minds that a trans woman mother will never be different to a biological woman as the love that they can give can also be feel by the genuine love that I can give them

What are some of the joys and challenges of being a mother in a blended family, and how have you and your partner worked to create a supportive and loving home for your children?

Working hand in hand with your partner should always be there to give a loving home for our children. Having a child is a perfect definition to call a Family. When they came to our life, everything changed for better. I love my children and I love my Family, I can accept whatever challenge I may face as long as I can protect them

What advice would you offer to other trans individuals who are considering starting a family, or who may be struggling to find acceptance and support in their communities?

The advice I can give to all trans woman who will consider having a child is to be ready for a responsibility. You have to have a genuine heart to give to the child and be responsible enough to take care of them. It’s not just a responsibility but a lifetime responsibility

What are your hopes and dreams for your family and your children’s futures, and how do you envision continuing to support and empower them as they grow up?

The only hopes and dreams to my children is to have a successful and good future. I always show them the love that they deserve so they can say, she is my mother and I’m very proud of her

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