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Beauty Queen: Reina Sazon

Reina was most recently in the Mutya ng San Francisco pageant. This beauty queen is not only beautiful but well-educated and classy.

What inspired you to participate in this pageant?

My 17-year-old self-inspired me to join this pageant again. I remember being young and naive during my very first pageant, but from that moment, I envisioned myself as the next Mutya ng San Francisco. This has been a six-year-long dream, and I am determined to give my best to finally win the crown.

What qualities do you think are important for a beauty queen?

Authenticity. Every queen is unique in her own way, defined by her core values and the causes she champions. She has flaws but embraces them, believing they contribute to her unique beauty and strength. Additionally, a beauty queen should possess compassion, using her platform to advocate for others and bring about positive change. Confidence and grace are also essential, allowing her to inspire and lead by example while maintaining humility and respect for others.

How do you plan to use your platform if you win this pageant?

If I win this pageant, I plan to use my platform to implement Project T.A.R.A. (Take Active Response and Action) on Indigenous People’s Education (IPEd) in collaboration with the LGU. This initiative aims to improve the educational experience and well-being of Indigenous People (IP) learners in my municipality. By providing better resources, support, and opportunities, we can empower their community, preserve their rich cultural heritage, and promote inclusivity and equity in education. Through Project T.A.R.A., I aspire to create a lasting impact that uplifts and strengthens our indigenous communities.

How do you stay confident and maintain a positive attitude during the competition?

I stay confident and maintain a positive attitude by focusing on my cause, which is to support IP learners. This purpose keeps me grounded and motivated. I also draw strength from my faith, always trying to glorify God in everything I do. Additionally, I remind myself that I am doing this for my 17-year-old self, who dreamed of becoming the Mutya ng San Francisco. This personal connection to my journey helps me stay resilient and passionate throughout the competition.

What challenges have you faced during your pageant journey, and how have you overcome them?

One of the main challenges I faced was composing my team. I needed to choose the best hair and makeup artist, pasarela trainer, and question and answer coach. As I aimed to win the crown, I wanted to work with the best. I overcame this challenge by carefully researching and selecting professionals who not only had excellent skills but also shared my vision and dedication. Their expertise and support have been crucial in preparing me to give my best performance.

What do you think sets you apart from the other contestants in this pageant?

I believe that all the girls possess beauty and intelligence, but what sets me apart is my determination and persistence. When I set my sights on a goal, I give it my all, putting everything into one basket and going full throttle to achieve it. My relentless drive and commitment ensure that I go all out, fully focused and dedicated, to make my dreams a reality.

How do you balance your pageant duties with other responsibilities in your life?

Currently, I have completed my studies and my review for the licensure exam, which allows me to dedicate 100% of my time and effort to becoming the Mutya ng San Francisco. By focusing solely on this goal, I can fully commit to my pageant duties without any other major distractions or responsibilities, ensuring that I am completely prepared and able to give my best performance.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing young women today, and how can it be addressed?

One significant issue young women face today is limiting themselves due to societal expectations. I believe that women are limitless and can achieve anything they set their minds to, regardless of societal dictates. To address this, we must encourage self-confidence and empower young women to pursue their dreams fearlessly. By promoting education, mentorship, and supportive communities, we can help young women recognize their potential and transform into individuals who make a positive difference in the world around them.

How do you plan to give back to your community if you win this pageant?

If I win this pageant, I plan to implement my Project TARA on IPEd. As from earlier, this initiative aims to enhance the educational experience of Indigenous People (IP) learners in our municipality. By focusing on education, we are fostering equality, preserving cultural identity, and empowering a vital community that forms the backbone of our cultural heritage. I hope to create lasting positive change and give back to those who have contributed so much to our society.

What advice would you give to young women who are considering entering a pageant?

Do not be afraid to try. You won’t know what you’re capable of achieving unless you give it a shot. I was once in your shoes, and I’ve learned that there’s immense power in taking that first step. Embrace the journey, believe in yourself, and remember that every experience is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Pageant Background

Miss PNU 2023

Bae Magdiwata Turismo 2022

Educational Background

Magna Cum Laude

Bachelor in Mathematics Education of Philippine Normal University Mindanao

-DOST Scholar

-Licensed Professional Teacher

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