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Beauty Queen: Maria Liza Petallar

Liza is candidate #7 in the Queen Mother of Cebu 2024 beauty pageant. She is representing Danao City, Cebu

How did you get into pageantry? What made you want to compete?

Maria Liza:  In my second year of high school, as far as I can remember, that was my first pageant when I joined Miss Intramurals. Unfortunately, it did not go well. In college, I challenged myself to join different beauty contests from school, barangay to municipality to cities. That’s the start of my journey in pageantry. I compete because I know I have the capabilities, talent, and character to showcase to the world, inspiring others, especially middle-aged women.

What does beauty mean to you? Is it more than just looks?

Maria Liza: As a mother, beauty isn’t just about looks. It’s about kindness, intelligence, compassion, and confidence. It’s the values I teach my children and the positive impact I have on their lives, showing them the importance of inner beauty.

What makes you special? What sets you apart from the other contestants?

Maria Liza: Being a licensed Zumba instructor showcases my commitment to health and wellness, as well as my ability to inspire others to lead active lifestyles. Moreover, my genuine passion for helping others, coupled with my nurturing nature as a mother, allows me to connect with people on a deeper level and make a positive impact in their lives. My combination of skills, from fitness expertise to a compassionate heart, truly sets me apart from the other contestants and makes me a well-rounded and unique candidate for this pageant.

If you win, how would you use your title to help others?

Maria Liza: If crowned Queen Mother of Cebu, my primary focus will be raising awareness about the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health among single women in our community. I’m committed to actively participating in community service efforts and encouraging others to make meaningful contributions. By organizing a variety of initiatives, events, and partnerships, I aim to create a lasting, positive impact and bring about meaningful change for single women in Cebu.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned from being in pageants?

Maria Liza: Through pageants, I’ve learned the power of self-confidence and resilience. Setting goals, overcoming challenges, and embracing my uniqueness have all made me stronger and more confident, no matter what I face.

How do you deal with people who might say mean things?

Maria Liza: I understand that mean words often come from insecurities or misunderstandings. Instead of letting them get to me, I focus on positive things and stick with supportive people. I also remember that my worth comes from my own confidence and values, not from what others say.

Tell us about a time something amazing happened during a pageant!

Maria Liza: One amazing moment in a pageant was when my children cheered for me enthusiastically from the audience. Their support filled me with joy and motivation, reminding me of the importance of being a role model and inspiring others. It showed the bond between mother and child and the power of love and encouragement.

What kind of person do you think does well in pageants?

Maria Liza: Winning pageant contestants are confident, composed, and great communicators. They have a strong stage presence, connect well with others, and handle pressure gracefully. Overall, they embody charisma, authenticity, and a positive attitude.

Being in a pageant means a lot of people are watching. How do you stay yourself through it all?

Maria Liza: Staying true to myself in a pageant means sticking to my values and identity. I rely on supportive loved ones and take care of myself to stay balanced. It’s all about embracing who I am and what I believe in, even with all the attention.

What do you dream of doing in the future, pageant world or not?

Maria Liza: My future aspirations involve creating a positive impact, whether within the pageant community or beyond. I aim to advocate for important causes, inspire others, and contribute to meaningful change, all with the goal of making the world a better place for everyone.

Sponsors and Accolades


LGU: Municipality of Danao City

Barangay Captain Nestor Colon Maslog Danao City

Celebrity Make – Up Artist: Marvin Fernandez, Quezon City

Sponsors (Continued)

Pretzelmari Cole Biodor

Rosa Amantillo

Joycel Capuyan for gowns

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