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Beauty Queen: Jeanelyn Paulin

The beautiful Jeanelyn is Contestant #12 in the Queen Mothers of Cebu 2024 beauty pageant. She proudly represents Banilad, Cebu City in the Philippines

So, how did you get into pageantry? What made you want to compete?

I remember being crowned as the Ms. United Nations winner when I was in 5th grade, invited to a big pageant in Liloan during college, joining Pretty Mama Phils 2018, and now here at Queen Mother of Cebu 2024. Embracing diversity has always been part of our family culture, actively participating in community activities such as contests, charities, and pageantry. This isn’t something new to us because all family members are beauty titlists, including my sisters, mother, and even our kids. So, what made me want to compete now is a great challenge to myself because I have yet to prove that through my genuine interest, advocating motherhood, the will to help, and my innate ability, I can still ace it at 45.

What does beauty mean to you? It’s more than just looks, right?

Absolutely! God made us all uniquely and beautifully. We are imperfectly perfect in our own way, and that is true beauty – owning something beautiful in my own special way. It is when I’m being true to myself, showing affection towards others, empathizing, and understanding how others feel. People will appreciate it and reciprocate the gesture. Indeed, it is true that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; outer beauty attracts, inner beauty captivates.”

What makes you special? What sets you apart from the other contestants?

I’ve overcome many challenges that helped me grow into a better version of myself today. People may say we’re all similar, but what they don’t see are the things we individually experienced and went through to become who we are now. What sets me apart? I am J. Powers, a warrior, a fighter, a strong independent woman, yet I am passionate, loving, highly driven, empathetic, and helpful towards others. When committed, I stand by my word and will deliver what is expected. People wouldn’t believe this, but I’m a grandma to a wonderful, smart, and handsome grandson. This gives me so much joy in my heart that is why I’m wrinkle-free despite life’s adversities. I’m a happy, active, fashionista, and a proud mommyla ❤️.

If you win, how would you use your title to help others?

I will strengthen my power, use my voice to be heard here and globally. I will let the world know that we are not just ordinary mothers but we are Cebuana queen mothers made stronger for a bigger purpose, and that is to help the community, the less fortunate, the needy. That is the role and responsibility of a queen mother, to be a good role model to everyone and to bring its greater purpose. In addition, I will set meaningful goals, cultivate relationships, and contribute positive change to the community and this organization. I aspire to establish a women’s support center, implementing programs and activities to single and separated moms fostering their growth and enabling them to relish life anew.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned from being in pageants?

Our individuality and expressions, the glamorous look I can play with myself, wearing different make-ups and extravagant outfits and gowns. I could look fancy and extra blingy. Most especially the perks we get from our beloved sponsors. I learned that there are really good-hearted and charitable people who willingly share their blessings with us; we were blessed beyond measure, and in return, I want to be a blessing and shine my light to others.

How do you deal with people who might say mean things?

I have a choice of the things I want to take in; I choose what to listen to and what to ignore and just walk away. People always have something to say about someone; I can’t stop them from giving their opinions, critics, or comments about what I do. What matters to me is I have no evil intention towards another. Nevertheless, I’m also not perfect; if and when I did something wrong, I am willing to apologize and own my fault. At the end of the day, keep in mind, we’re mothers and let us choose to be the bigger person. I will focus on positivity and turn away negativity. NO to petty catfights, let go, and I will not allow anger to consume me. I will always choose happiness and look on the brighter side of life.

Tell us about a time something amazing happened during a pageant!

I’m surrounded by godly, good, ambitious, positive people; therefore, I feel I am so much loved, and this amazes me. The friends and family who gave their utmost support throughout my pageantry journey financially and morally. Knowing that they are proud of me truly touched my heart because when people support me it means they know me, they like me, and they trust me, and that’s how I feel. Putting their trust in me gives a big impact on self-esteem; it kept me inspired to aim more and never give up.

What kind of person do you think does well in pageants?

She should be someone who exudes inner beauty, authenticity, empowering, and who strongly holds core values. Someone with a heart of Gold. God-fearing and has the power to influence people. That she’s not pursuing this just to add to her collection of trophies and sashes, but it’s important to invest quality time to sustain and take part and understand its perspectives. If she’s good, people will listen and follow and will surely believe and support the organization to realize its mission.

Being in a pageant means a lot of people are watching. How do you stay yourself through it all?

I always stay in my authentic self; I’m not a person who enjoys pretension, I value transparency. I will keep myself focused on my daily goals and enjoy this whole wonderful amazing journey. The family & friends who cheer for me help me motivate and strengthen my confidence, believing that in their hearts I’m a true queen and a winner. After all, acceptance is the key; these special people in my life are who matters most. Whatever happens, they are proud and always ready to embrace me.

What do you dream of doing in the future, pageant world or not?

I will help my sister and serve in the elderly community in Australia. I will serve and take care of my family and continue my career as a realtor in Australia. Of course, in the pageantry world, if given the chance to compete and God willing, I will join internationally and raise my flag as a proud Filipina Cebuana mom from Queen Mother of Cebu aiming for victory.


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Elixir Talisay & Minglanilla

Chun Beauty Clinic

Mabuhay Care Services Australia

JPowers Fashion Events

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Bella & Dain

HMUA: Hannah Garcia

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