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Beauty Queen: Elisa Marie Tampos Spurlock

Elisa is presently a candidate in the Binibining Babag 2024 beauty pageant. She is 16-years-old and living in Lapu-Lapu City. She dreams of a career as a flight attendant.

What does beauty mean to you? It’s more than just looks, right?

To me, beauty is not about the outside; it’s what’s on the inside that matters. One can be unattractive but be one of the sweetest people, and one can be beautiful but have a bad personality. True beauty radiates from within—someone who accepts others’ differences, backgrounds, and diversity. That is what beauty means to me.

What makes you special? What sets you apart from the other contestants?

What makes me special from the rest of the candidates is my genuine commitment to the values and mission of this pageant. Throughout my journey, I have worked tirelessly to embody the qualities of a true representative and advocate. I have spent significant time and effort on personal growth, developing my skills, and expanding my knowledge to become a well-rounded individual.

If you win, how would you use your title to help others?

If I won Binibining Babag 2024, I would use my platform to advocate for causes close to my heart. One particular issue I am passionate about is promoting education for underprivileged children. I believe that education is a powerful tool that can break the cycle of poverty and empower individuals to achieve their goals. I would collaborate with organizations, create awareness campaigns, and work towards providing equal opportunities for education.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned from being in pageants?

The coolest thing I’ve learned is how nice people actually are. I’ve made so many friends in pageants, and it is amazing. They are fun to be around, and I genuinely enjoy their company.

How do you deal with people who might say mean things?

I deal with them by ignoring them. Words don’t define who I am, and no matter how hurtful their insults are, it’s best to ignore them. I know myself better than anyone, and I know that I am perfect the way I am. I am a queen in my own way.

Tell us about a time something amazing happened during a pageant!

The most amazing thing that happened to me during a pageant was when I became the 4th runner-up. It really surprised me and inspired me to work harder and reach my goals of being a pageant queen.

What kind of person do you think does well in pageants?

A confident, kind person does well in pageants. They know they can do it, and they strive to inspire others and help the community.

Being in a pageant means a lot of people are watching. How do you stay yourself through it all?

For me, I am not a very confident person. I have stage fright, and I stare at hundreds of faces in the crowd, but I don’t let it get to me. I try my best to be confident and show people that despite my stage fright, I can still do it because I have many people supporting me.

What do you dream of doing in the future, pageant world or not?

I dream of entering the pageant world, where I can learn to be a pageant beauty queen and strive to be the best version of myself. I also dream of giving my family the best life ever, where they can always relax and know that I am always there to support and love them, as they did for me.

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