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Beauty Queen: Chae Lee

Chae Lee is a multi-talented candidate in the Reina de Cebu 2024 transgender beauty pageant. She is representing Talisay.

How has your journey as a transgender individual influenced your perspective on beauty?
I believe that beauty has the capacity to embrace our humanity. As a transgender individual, beauty doesn’t only pertain to physical appearance; it also involves doing good deeds for humanity.

What does inclusivity mean to you in the context of beauty standards and representation?
I believe that inclusivity, in the context of beauty standards and representation, starts with honoring one’s own body. Beauty pageants don’t just require a beautiful body and face; they should also have a purpose. A true queen possesses not only an angelic face but also a golden heart.

How do you define inner beauty, and how does it contribute to your overall sense of self?
Inner beauty comprises kindness, compassion, and resilience. True beauty from within always radiates outward, defining one as a queen.

In what ways do you use beauty and style to express your gender identity?
Definitely, just be yourself, be authentic, and embrace who you are. That’s how I express my gender identity.

What challenges have you faced in the beauty industry as a transgender individual, and how have you overcome them?
I’ve faced criticism in the beauty industry, especially in beauty pageants, where my intelligence has been questioned. However, I use criticism as motivation to become more competitive and achieve success.

How do you promote body positivity and self-love within the transgender community?
I have friends who often feel self-pity due to their body image, leading to depression. I always remind them that they are entitled to their bodies. It’s not their appearance that defines them, but their actions in making the world a better place.

What role do you believe beauty pageants play in advocating for transgender rights and visibility?
I believe beauty pageants provide a platform for advocating transgender rights and visibility. They allow us to voice out the changes we want to see in society and direct people’s attention to important issues.

How do you balance societal expectations of beauty with authenticity and self-expression?
Balancing societal expectations of beauty with authenticity and self-expression requires staying true to oneself while challenging norms. It’s about embracing uniqueness and defying stereotypes.

Can you share a personal experience where your perception of beauty was transformed or challenged?
I grew up in a society where the LGBTQ+ community faced discrimination. I aim to influence my fellow transgender individuals to respect themselves first to earn respect from others. Education is key, and I want to advocate for inclusive education, especially for young transgender individuals, empowering them to take up space in society.

Handler: Dexa May

Make up artist: Pulveras sisters

Hair dresser: Rico iñon

Name of business CLY collection

Location: BF Better Homes

Talisay, Cebu


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